Relaunch as central starting point for the complete project and community overview

(Jonne Haß) #81

Yeah, lets spam him. Everybody, go.

Meanwhile can you get a hold of Maxwell and let him do a temporary redirect to the new page? Or even better just a simple frame redirection so that the domain stays the same?

(Sean Tilley) #82

Sure thing, I can ask Maxwell about it.

I need to make a few cosmetic changes, I’m still not totally satisfied with the way Drupal’s grid plugin handles our community people page, so I may consider some other Views plugin and styling to make up for its shortcomings. I also have some layout improvements to certain pages that I need to make official, and a solution for a proper donation module needs to be found for displaying both Stripe and PayPal donation forms. Some cross-browser styling corrections also need to be made.

Good plugins for Drupal 7 that display both donation forms efficiently are few and far between. There are a few donation frameworks in development, and we can use a jQuery tab plugin to display multiple forms, but it won’t be as simple and clean of a solution that I would like.

Other than that, we’ve got a good content system put together, and I would be more than happy to assign writer priviliges to those that would like help to publish the project blog officially. We can also add developer blogs to the Planet, for those working on newer and bigger features that want to showcase their work. It’s integrated quite well with our wiki, which in itself is a big improvement over our GitHub wiki.

(Jonne Haß) #83

I wonder where the donations would go to, since we have no foundation yet?

(Sean Tilley) #84

Currently, it would go to the Paypal and Stripe accounts associated for Diaspora, however, Maxwell and I are looking into options regarding a foundation for Diaspora, and I’m always open to suggestions to consider.

(Sean Tilley) #85

Additionally, I also think once we have a NonProfit set up, and brand assets moved over, I think it would be nice to perhaps make use of a web store to sell t-shirts that supporters could buy to support the foundation. We can cross that bridge when we come to it, though.

(Jonne Haß) #86

Lets spell it out: Donations to Diaspora Inc are donations to, not to Diaspora. I don’t feel comfortable with lying about that, let them create their own donations site like every other pod does. It has nothing to do on our project site.

(Jason Robinson) #87

I do tend to agree with Jonne here very strongly. There should be no donations on the project site until the funds can be used for the project.

Sean, Maxwell - you’re great guys and have done a terrific contribution but having a donations site on the project site that points to accounts owned by Diaspora Inc is just lying to the people donating.

We can have a donations site but it must CLEARLY say that there is no way to donate for Diaspora development at the moment and instead it could link to donations sites of various pods and Diaspora Inc.

(goob) #88

I agree completely, and have also been saying for some months that the donations link on should no longer say ‘Keep Diaspora development fast with a monthly donation!’ as it doesn’t go to development at all, merely to hosting as far as I can tell (and possibly development of Makrio and other projects that Maxwell and Dan are working on).

There are users out there who still believe their donations are help development of Diaspora, and the longer this misinformation continues the more bad feeling will be engendered in the long run.

Please change the wording to something like ‘Help us keep this pod running and expanding with a monthly donation!’ I might even start up my monthly donation again if the wording were changed.

(Jonne Haß) #89

The lack of progress here is really frustrating.

So since the iFrame redirection didn’t happen yet and is too under control of Diaspora Inc. I’m now not expecting any further assistance from that direction.

Lets find a completely new, distinct domain name. would be free. Other suggestions?

(goob) #90 or

(Jason Robinson) #91 is for sale for $65,000 … anyone? :smiley:

I like and at some point we could hopefully transfer to when that clears. Don’t really see why we should start taking a whole new name at this point as this has already been around and used.

I just wish we would officially release the site… Sean, please? I really think it’s a bad idea to delay and an even worse idea if the delay is because of some issues with missing donations that we simply cannot have until there is a foundation.

(Jonne Haß) #92

I do think that the domain is too subtly different to use (and looks silly, but the other point is more important :P). I don’t think users and media would pick that up, I mean there’s media still linking to, it’s hard enough to communicate a new domain name, but one that’s so subtle different?

(Sean Tilley) #93

I asked about the other day and the offer was around $50,000 when I asked about it. Granted, having would be amazing, but I don’t think any of us has that kind of money at the moment. One possibly reasonable alternative may be to use something like, which is probably relatively cheap enough, and different enough from the hyphenated and unhyphenated domains.

The diaspora-project site is almost finished, really what’s left to be done is some cosmetic fixes and a bit of copy-editing. There will be no donation system on the project site, at least until a non-profit solution comes along that isn’t controlled by Diaspora Inc. If I work on the project site all of this coming week, it should be good for a proper launch by next week.

There hasn’t been any luck in reaching the domain owner of At the very least, modifying the old Diaspora Project site to redirect to the new one is trivial.

(Jason Robinson) #94

Proposal: Launch on domain

As soon as we (=Sean :)) are ready with site content;

Outcome: Discussion needs to continue


  • Yes: 4
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 0
  • Block: 0

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(Jason Robinson) #95

Made a proposal to decide on the domain name issue :slight_smile:

(Flaburgan) #96

I do not understand what is happening here.

Who currently owns and ? Did we try to contact him ?

Who currently owns the server hosting the website accessible at these urls ?

(goob) #97

I’m not sure how we’d get traffic redirected from, as we’ve been unable to establish contact with the domain owner, but other than that, seems fine to proceed.

(goob) #98

I’m not sure who owns, @flaburgan (I mean, I don’t recognise his name) but it must be someone known to the founders, because the website hosted on that domain is one which was designed by the founders about 18 months ago, and originally hosted on their own site. I’m not sure why it has been impossible to establish contact with the domain owner through Maxwell or Dan, as they must have known him (or someone else in the core team at the end of 2011 must have known him). But so far, it has proved impossible to establish contact.

(Sean Tilley) #99

I don’t think the founders knew Rene Kabis at all. Core team owns; is just a URL mirror the guy set up.

(Sean Tilley) #100

@flaburgan The server is just a Heroku instance. Also, we own and

@goob We can make a redirect happen from the old diaspora project app. It’s just a simple Rails app skinned with Bootstrap.