Relaunch as central starting point for the complete project and community overview

(goob) #101

OK, I don’t understand how that works at all, but if it works, that’s fine. As far as I can tell, (owned by the founders) redirects to (owned by R. Kabis), which is where the site is currently hosted. If that is not the case, it makes it much easier. Ignore me if I’m talking rubbish.

(Flaburgan) #102

okay if we own diasporafoundation i think we should use this one and make a redirect from diaporaproject to it. Hopefully this man will not change the DNS.

(Jason Robinson) #103

@flaburgan we don’t have a foundation so it would be odd to me to have the domain called diasporafoundation :slight_smile:

(Flaburgan) #104

@jasonrobinson the first step for all the project is to have a foundation. Having no legal structure is really a big problem. We can’t have donation, we can’t have interneship, we have no voice to represent ourselves…

We should not say “let’s use diaspora-project because we are not a foundation”, we should say “let’s use diasporafoundation because we have to become one very soon”

Seriously, I do not understand why this is not solved yet, I don’t know which kind of non-profit structures exist in the USA, but in France create what we call an “Association” take only an afternoon. 3 persons are needed, they have to fill some paper, and it’s done. Come on guys, if we are even not able to do that, we can really say that this project is dead. No legal structure == no existence, that’s all.

(Jason Robinson) #105

Fair point. There is just the problem of who are the people who will create the foundation. It would preferably have to be 3 distinct people who have no direct relationship with each other.

Also the rules of the foundation would need to be set if we go legal - there can be no foundation without a set of rules how it operates. As such, no, it cannot be done in an afternoon.

Also, where would the foundation be? I prefer Europe obviously, having distrust for institutions in the US.

All these would need to be solved. We can’t have just anyone go and set up a foundation, it has to be agreed by a strong majority on where and who.

I’ll reword the proposal…

(Jason Robinson) #106

Proposal: How should we launch Diaspora project site? [selection]

Select the one you prefer;

YES - launch as
NO - launch as (even though we have no foundation, yet)
BLOCK - launch as some other domain than these two
ABSTAIN - happy with whatever is agreed

This proposal will be extended if a high majority doesn’t agree, say 2/3 - or if discussions brings some other turns of events.

The only thing we strongly agree on is that we need a new project site soon :slight_smile:

Outcome: A majority of 6 against 2 decided for


  • Yes: 2
  • Abstain: 3
  • No: 6
  • Block: 0

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(Mikhail Shirkov) #107

It’ll be cool to join Diaspora Foundation someday!

(Jason Robinson) #108

@tomscott the proposal is about the name of the domain, not where to host it. The new site looks something like this at the moment:

(Tom Scott) #109

@jasonrobinson by “where it’s hosted” i meant the domain, not the actual host…

(Sean Tilley) #110

Okay, looks like we’re going with Diaspora Foundation. I’ll talk to Maxwell about the DiasporaFoundation domain, finish up some cosmetic fixes, and we should be good to launch soon! :slight_smile:

(Sean Tilley) #111

Besides which, it’s not like we can’t try to take on or something like that in the future. :slight_smile:

(Jason Robinson) #112


(goob) #113

Ooh, I just found $50,000 down the back of the sofa!

Good work, everyone.

(Jason Robinson) #114

@seantilleycommunit any updates on this? :slight_smile:

(Sean Tilley) #115

Yep! Things are in motion, most of the project site is done. We have a hosted blogging system for project contributors to blog on, similar to Planet KDE. There are some minor things to be done, such as redirect links for old article paths cited by other sites. Some copy-editing still needs tweaking to fully explain decentralized social.

(goob) #116

@seantilleycommunit Could you provide a link to where that copy-editing is needed? I’ll try to take a look at it over the weekend.

(Sean Tilley) #117

Primarily, what I want to add more to would be here, which I think can be fleshed out into something much better. I really want to be able to visually explain what Diaspora is and why the underlying concepts are important.

(Jason Robinson) #118

IMHO just release as is and tweak later :slight_smile:

(Flaburgan) #119

And about the domain name? Which one do we own?

(Jason Robinson) #120


Well, by “we own”, I think it’s Maxwell? But I assume he will transfer it over once we have somewhere to transfer it? :stuck_out_tongue: Sean?