Release announcements

What should we include in the release announcements or in additional posts after each release to recruit new devs or make users aware of the progress we made?

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I saw a blogpost by mozilla which gives a list of new devs for the upcoming release.

I think it might be a good idea to post a list of new devs after each of our releases and describe their changes. Such a post could inspire other users to get into diaspora development.

Yeah we should definitely start preparing release announcements on a pad immediately when deciding to release in the monthly meet, pad link here:

Also I like the idea of including devs to say some thanks for their work

Also I like the idea of including devs to say some thanks for their work

I’ve tried to do that in the past with the development review posts from DHQ, but haven’t had the energy in the past few months. If anyone can help with that, it would be much appreciated.

Hey guys, I think the will be release soon, so I started to prepare the announcement, if someone wants to review…

Thanks, Fla. I’ve done some editing.

I think we’ll need to link to the changelog for release/ rather than develop, won’t we?

Yeah, waiting for the git tag to be published to have some metrics too. Release should be done this week-end :slight_smile:

Super excited for the release! Also, it’ll be great to have JoinDiaspora and all of the other pods up an running on the latest version. :slight_smile:

We talked earlier about thanking our contributors in the release announcement to give more credit to the people who write the code? Would be nice to add some of that in the announcement I think - can try to dig up names/feature combos tomorrow if no one gets there first :slight_smile:

Otherwise looks ok!

@flaburgan could we at the same time also post the same announcement in the blog? It’s so much better sharing the blog post outside d* than the status message. And when sharing stuff outside - it’s better it looks good.

@jasonrobinson Sure I can do that, do you want the exact same message or a improved one?

I think the same message, although given that there are no previous release announcements on the blog, we could perhaps include a very short intro to release announcements explaining what it’s all about, perhaps progress up to this point.

Same text is enough imho - but of course it can be longer if someone wants to be creative - the important thing IMHO is that it’s posted at the same time as other communications.

If someone can give me some warning of when the release will be made, I’ll be happy to post to DHQ and blog.

@flaburgan @goob @steffenvanbergerem @seantilleycommunit I wrote some thanks in the release announcement, going through commits and trying to figure out what each person did :wink: Does the text sound good? Feel free to modify. Tagged you because you’ve commented here.
Anyone else who needs special mention?

@jonnehass @dennisschubert @florianstaudacher - and need merging - and I think then we’re ready to go! I’m free to do some release stuff later in the evening today, say approx 6-8pm UTC.

Wouldn’t we need some time to make sure these fixes don’t have any unintended side-effects before releasing?

Thanks for that work tracking down contributors, @jaywink.
I’ve added links to people’s profiles in Github.

I’ve also noticed that many links in the changelog are to the original issue reports rather than the pull requests, as I thought they are supposed to be. I’ll push an updated changelog now.

@goob release coming now, if you want to follow it on IRC. :slight_smile:

@jasonrobinson last changes are pulled in diaspora-fr, if you want to redo your tests on the bookmarklet there, just to check.

@goob well I think we’ve already had a code freeze for quite some time to find bugs. 5007 was to revert one such bug introduced in develop, 5008 to fix another regression. IMHO we are ready for release, unless no one has strong objections…

Planning to do that in an hour or two - so shout now if you want to! :slight_smile:

@goob @flaburgan will one of you be around today later on IRC maybe? Would be nice to get the blog post posted around the same time that other communications is done. I’ve access to DHQ, but not the blog.

Yeah I’m available :wink: