Release announcements

Okay. If and only if #6107 is officially merged <= this Friday, I’ll freeze on this Sunday. I guess we can deal with one week of freezing, so the release would be the 28th (not the 27th, we release on Sunday).

Sounds good?

Oh, and 6989, which is a regression that popped up today. :slight_smile:

It would be fantastic to release on the anniversary, but is it worth the risk of halving the freeze time? I totally trust the core members to make that decision, but I’d back the view that it’s only worth going for the release on the anniversary if there isn’t an increased risk of problems after release, especially as this is by far our biggest release so far.

If @denschub and others in the core feel that a one-week is acceptable, would it be worth now publicising via the HQ account to ask as many people as possible to test it, and test it hard and fast, once it’s frozen? That way hopefully any issues would be caught in the week before release.

If I can help with publicising, please let me know.

@goob There are a lot of pods that already run on the develop branch (, version are develop branch pods) including Geraspora,, Sechat* and diaspora-fr. Those 4 pods had more than 5000 active users in the last month so I feel quite confident about the freeze of one week.

OK, great. Let’s do this thing!