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I set up an account back in 2017. It was to replace a web site that had shut down. There were a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts as members. The web site opened up again so our diaspora pod was sort of left in limbo but I opened every now and then. The web site shut down again and I think it is permanent. I want to get my pod going but it has disappeared and I could not sign in with my original details. Therefore I have opened a new account. The original account was
Is it still there? If not, why wasn’t any of us contacted to say it was being deleted?
Do I have to start all over again?.
I’ve reported this same question since re-joining but some robot keeps answering but does nothing.
Terry Forbes

Hi Terry,

Diaspora as a project just creates the software that enables pods to run. The network itself is completely decentralized, and each pod is the responsibility of the person/people who have set up and run that pod.

Only they can answer what happened to that pod, and why users weren’t informed before it shut down. It’s possible to sign up to Diaspora without entering a valid email address, so it’s just possible that you did this and that they therefore couldn’t contact you.

You’ve say you’ve reported this before. Where did you report it? And where have you opened your new account? You don’t need to name the pod if it was a different one, but it sounds as though you think you’ve signed up to the same community again.

Anyway, no one except the podmin(s) can answer your question, I’m afraid. If they’re not available or you don’t know how to contact them, you’ll have to consider your old account lost and open a new account on a working pod.

Hope that helps.

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At least exists and there’s a fair chance the admin/author of that blog knows what happened to the pod under its subdomain.
My french is too poor to even find out how to contact the admin but if it’s not noted anywhere one could do an whois to find out.

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That stinks; it’s always sad when that happens. Do you think there’s any interest in your group of hosting your own site/pod? It requires some technical skills to do set one up, but pods generally don’t require too much care and feeding after that. Hosting yourselves would provide the best guarantee that you’ll have control over your content.

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That could be the way to go. When I set up in Raven, it was because a popular bikers supplier website had closed down. I decided to try it but it took weeks to get others involved and to upload pics and videos. Others had started Facebook pages but a lot of the members did not use FB.
Once I got it going, a few were posting etc. Then the website came back on line. So our site in Raven slowed right down. Some of us kept communicating every few months. I was sure that it would be ideal if the biker website closed finally. We could start using it again.

I think I need to do a survey of all the biker members to see if they prefer Facebook or our own pod on Diaspora.
Thanks for your comments guys.