Replace Google Groups mailing lists with Diaspora Forum mailing lists

Proposal: Creating a FLO social networking platform as umbrella for all FLO projects

Hello guys,

Regarding our discussion about the Google mailing list of Diaspora, I see a bit more general problem - the discussion groups in every FLO project are dispersed, with old fashioned infrastructure. Also they are often running on some 3-rd party servers under 3-rd party’s TOS, which could be changed not always in our favor.

What I’d propose is creating a social network for the members of the entire FLO community, so we could exchange more resources with each other, share more experience, attract more geeks to join us and organize more discussions.

We could use infrastructure based on BuddyPress, Oxwall or any FLO social networking platform we choose:

This way we could:

  • promote even more the FLO software
  • achieve maximum interaction and knowledge-sharing with minimum efforts
  • attract easy another like minded people to join
  • organize discussions in groups
  • manage our notifications
  • easily share, comment, ‘like’ and PM the people
  • discuss ethical ways to support/generate revenue from a FLO social network
  • capitalize more over the size of our network
  • organize job boards attracting people like us
  • experiment with the TCO(total cost of ownership), functional extensions, community brainstorming

We can have ‘the geeky version of Facebook’.
I have a domain - which we could use for this.

I’ve spoken with the Umbrella GNU community and if you’d like to, you could join our discussion on They are members of FSF. They generally are okay with the idea.

I plan to write to prof. Jeff Sayre also: , as I see he has some similar ideas to my ideas, discussed in a previous thread here.

What do you think about the idea?

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 0
  • Abstain: 1
  • No: 1
  • Block: 2

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@jhass No, I haven’t. I posted it here, as it’s a related discussion and my point is to solve the entire problem, not just parts of it. If we move from one old fashioned format to another one, we will have to abandon it sooner or later and migrate and discuss it again. The same is with the 3-rd party solutions over which TOS we don’t have control.
If my proposal is accepted, I could use it to show it to FSF and any such interested 3-rd parties.

@juansantiago I hope I understand you correctly using Google Translate - we won’t need to migrate again to another system. The social networking solutions, based on FLO license will allow us to elect our TOS and extend the system in the way we want to. It’s the most modern trend in the project management and community management. As a performance, it beats everything we have.
Without a ‘lab for all geeks’ we are dispersed and we lose a lot.

What exactly does FLO stand for?

@deadsuperhero FLO means Free, Libre, Open Source