Request and share contacts to ease discovery

Proposal: Implement suggest contacts

When someone visits profile of a user who they share mutually, an option to suggest contacts should appear.

In profile settings user should be given options,

  • ignore suggested contacts
  • don’t list me in suggested contacts

when suggest contacts option is listed on a profile, clicking on it should open a list of all contacts who chose to make their profile suggestable. Once the suggested contacts is sent, the user who receiving it should be notified. Optionally suggested contacts list could be shown on right pane. Once clicking on the notification, user should be taken to contacts page with suggested contacts shown like an aspect. User can choose to share with them.

Since the default is ‘not show me in suggestions’ and ‘don’t show me suggestions’, it is an opt in. I think the privacy concern and forcing suggestions concern is addressed.

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 11
  • Abstain: 1
  • No: 2
  • Block: 0

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It should be set on ‘don’t allow my contact to be sent to other people’

@transitionmaike that’s what ‘opt-in’ means. See the last paragraph of the proposal.

I think this issue is very underestimated! I already told Fox 2 years ago. A feature to find other people around the world is the first feature you need in a social network!

I really hope somebody comes with a good implementation & protocol to do this decentralized. I have faith in Diaspora!