Requirements for the future

Hello my Diaspora friends,

as Diaspora will grow in the future and bringing more content, it also offers big risks for podmins determine what content they are serving from their pod, so I just got the idea that there should be some options to prevent abusing the network.

  1. Posts must have a tag, this is elementary to built a stream which suits your needs, prevents for unwanted content and semantically the content which is posted right from the start
  2. podmins can block content tags from receiving via the Federation and from posting over their pod

greets Kalipus

So if I post something that #has a tag it gets through… Does not compute to me as a way to keep content “safe”.

It is a beginning, another way would be peer2peer verification, but I can not remember where I posted that idea.

I’m sorry Kalipus, I disagree with this request. I understand your point though, it’d be nice to be able to specify posts via tags, but there’s no way to really hold posts accountable for tag validity without a massive moderator team scanning through each and every post to make sure it’s on point.

Additionally, this is a form of ‘censorship’, at least it is in my eye. You’re forcing someone to do things your way on, something they might just not want to do. This being decentralized social media, I think the key point of this platform is not only privacy and trust, but also about freedom of speech. You can’t have free speech if part of free speech has to do with a requirement to use tags.

Additionally, when you tell people they can’t do something, they’re going to automatically want to do it anyway and will find way around it. I reference Rob’s comment above. If all I need is a hashtag, I’ll just throw any old random hashtag in the post so it gets past the ‘filter’. It’s just not feasible, sorry.

Now if you want to add a moderation tool that checks posts as they are made for certain key words, then yeah I might be all for that. But only upon initial post, and those details aren’t stored unless a certain key word on post is noted. Otherwise, you’d be outright spying on all members on your node, something no one wants.


No. Your aspects also play a big role in this.

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