Its really annoying to see a post sometimes five times in a row. There should be an option to show posts only one time or only one time a day.

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Proposal: Option

Show an option to show every post only one time or one time a day/week.

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 6
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 6
  • Block: 2

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Ah, you meant the same post being reshared by many. There we can do one thing IMO - consolidate/summarize the reshared post based on post id. Example - Mr. X, Y and Z reshared Mr.M’s post… So, you’ll see it only once (maximum twice - the original post and one summary).
Just my suggestion.

There’s already a GitHub issue for this - no need for a vote, it just needs someone to create the code.

I think the neatest solution to presenting multiple reshares in the stream would be to display the reshare at the time of the most recent reshare, with links to ‘Reshared by’ and the names or avatars of the people in your stream who have reshared that post. Clicking the name/avatar of one of those people would take you to their reshare of that post in single-post view, with the comments made on their reshare.

I think the same as @goob. It could be something like that or showing the reshares folded (so you can open it and read comments with a click).

Question: isn’t it too soon to vote something without a brainstorm or a debate?
I think that is not democratic, for example: imagine that I talk with some people, open an issue and a proposal, we vote for what we want and close it as soon as possible.
Remember that using Loomio will not get things going faster. Loomio creates the political decitions, but not the development.

There are guidelines for using Loomio here.

It might be better to find a way to collapse reshares into a single post if you’ve already seen the post. The trick is figuring out how to accomplish that.

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