Resources of your pod

I was wondering on what kind of servers you #podmins are running your pod? What resources are need (as a rule of thumb) to run a pod?
I know I can see the (redis) resources in use through sidekiq. Is that all that D* instance uses on a server?

IMO a pod needs to run smoothly and give a decent user experience, otherwise users will stop using D* when the pod cannot manage to server the pages fast enough.
I added the pod to my VPS with 300GB SSD, 4 Xeon E5 cores and 12GB of RAM and a 100Mb (up and down) internet connection.

I just was wondering how much users I should be able to serve without compromising the user experience.

So… on what kind of (virtual) hardware are you running your pods?

I think the limit aren’t the users on your hardware, so you can run a few hundred (active) users on that hardware. But over time, the more posts your pod knows, the amount of memory for database caches is becoming interesting, but the 12GB should be enough for some years (as long as you don’t want to store all posts from all other pods on your pod).