Select which aspects you want to see in your stream

What I’m proposing is to be able to say which aspects I want to see in my stream page.

This is a feature that I find very useful in G+, particularly for those who care about what is displayed in their stream page and how relevant it is.

Here is a G+ screenshot, as you can see, you can choose whether or not to add the circle into your main steam:

This allows to have a difference between adding someone in our aspects and actually following him. Sometime you just want to add someone in order to send MPs to this person, but you’re not interested in what he is posting on a day to day basis.

I think that is part of the solution to limit our stream to be “spammed” by unwanted posts.

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Of course followed tags posts are still merged in the stream (that is not part of this feature).

Hi, @flaburgan is working on some kind of filtering syntax close to the one in Libertree :
that would allow what you propose and more.
His post (still in french for now) is here :

Don’t see the link with Libertree :s

I read his post and posted a comment, but basically I think boolean operations for tags is just too difficult for everyday and everyone’s use.

That has already been implemented. In the left sidebar there is a link called “aspects”. Clicking on the link shows you a list of your aspects and you can select those that should appear in your stream.

Wow! I didn’t know that clicking on the aspects was actually checking/unchecking for the stream.

It’s excellent that it already exists. I think it would be great to have a button “Show/Hide in stream” on the top of the aspect page.

But clearly, it’s less important than what I was proposing in this thread!

Hi! The only thing is that for now the list of clicked aspect is not saved, and when I start the browser again the stream is again with all aspects in.

Yeah I’ve always found clicking aspects totally useless without being able to save them into custom streams - so personally I never even open the aspects these days :frowning:

@steffenvanbergerem after some testing, selecting the aspects is not at all what I described above :confused:

When I talk about the stream I’m really talking about the “Stream” page, not the “Aspects” page. The default page of D* is the stream page. It is where is displayed everything that I found interesting (i.e. the persons and the tags I want to follow). But today it also displays the persons that are in my contact but that I don’t want to follow because what they’re saying generally doesn’t interest me. They are in my contact list because I like to exchange some private messages with them, but that’s it.

For instance, I love free software, I have a friend that love gardening. I don’t like gardening, and he doesn’t like free software. But I still want him in my contact list.

The idea of this feature is that he can add me in his contact list but now have my lousy posts in his stream, and on my side I can have him in my contact list, but not have his lousy posts too. Everyone is happy!

G+ is actually proposing this feature:

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As a side note, being able to follow tags is a really good feature of D*. It allows to discover people that you wouldn’t know they existed if you were limited to the sole aspects (which is the case with G+ and they’re circles). So being able to select which aspects you want to see in your main stream + being able to follow tags is an awesome combination to both follow only what is interesting you and discover new people at the same time!

This would definitely leverage D* over G+.

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