Setup a planet for community blogging

It depends, we just fetch the RSS/Atom feed yes, but a good blog software should allow feeds for a category or even just a tag.

@goob : I think so too. But I think they should at least be grouped in seperated tabs with seperated RSS.

Awesome! So… how does one add a feed? I don’t have any, just wondering :slight_smile:

I will realease two blog posts concerning diaspora* tomorrow. They are in French though…
They can be fetch from the following feed :

@jasonrobinson you do have access to the blog right? Similar to that :wink:

@augier did you release the blogs? Is there anything wrong about content feeding? It’s been 14 days since you said you’d do it, but looks the same, only the official blogs updates are being displayed…Should we advertise the planet? I’m sure people out there are interested in feeding their blogs into it.

I didn’t do anything @camil. I just gave the feed. I don’t think I’m able to register my feed to the planet.

me, 21 days ago:

But you guys could start collecting feeds, huh? English only, for the first try. :slight_smile:

Shouted out via diaspora HQ :stuck_out_tongue: