Shutting down my pod - Saving keys?

I’m shutting down my pod due to a lack of users (family members asked me to set it up, but then could never make use of it due to their friends not being interested in trying Diaspora). My understanding is that there are encryption keys related to the domain I’m using. How do I extract those so that if in the future I want to spin up another pod at the same domain I am able to?

The encryption-keys are related to each user (on the domain) … so if you don’t backup anything, then you can still run a pod on the same domain again, but you can’t re-use the same usernames as now. And the easiest is to just backup the whole database, and then re-import it when you want to re-create the pod again.

Got it. Any insight on where in the DB my user keys would be stored? I know there’s probably no official way to do it, but I’d like to make sure my obvious username is still available at my obvious domain.

The private keys are in the users table.

You can also export your profile in your setting, the private key is also included in there. But at the moment re-importing an exported profile into the same account/username isn’t supported yet, only migrating to a different pod with it. So if you want to re-use your domain later backing up the whole database really is the best and easiest way.