Some suggestions

  • diaspora* has posts, and has photos, what about video?? imagine I saw a video from a friend. now I want to see it again or like it or do something else. will not be easiest if I had a video option and could see all the videos he posted through a layout like the one from photos (+ the title) than go through all his posts???

  • what about a new logo? I am not saying to leave the star, but give it some style, another color too. the current color is too dark…
    this is a good color for it:
    the current color: is so dark that it does not catch’s my attention. add a new color or at least put it white would be great. I think the icon on a web page is a powerful thing: it can get into the mind of people, and if it’s apelative enough, a person can’t get them out of the head. for example: google updated it’s logo, now it’s prettier, so 10 hours have past, and I still remember how it is: no shadows, the same colors as it was, a diferent font, simple. the logo from diaspora* I remember it as a blurred black star.

  • a new layout: this one seems like a old website, a blog, not a social network… how about an indicator saying were you are? for example, when I am at flow, it could have a line under the bar, lets say, a blue line, indicating I am at flow and removing the name of it from the white module. so instead of flux be at the white module, take it off, put that blue line at the black bar. that way diaspora* even gets more room for users to see what friends are posting, makes it more beautiful, simple and modern.

  • custumizable layout: what about a feature that I apreciate and I am sure a lot of people would apreciate it too?? what is missing in social networks is custumization. diaspora* could have a feature to let you custumize the background and the color of that black bar, something more like gmail for example.

I think things like that would certainly bring more people to diaspora* meaning more people working on it, they can find bugs, people with knowledge can find security problems, things like that. currently I cant even use diaspora* in my country, there is no diaspora for my country and I cant creat one since I cant maintain a project like that, cant use my computer to be a server and I run windows…

what you think about my suggestions???
if, eventually, I said something that already was said, or something impossible, sry, i dont have the technical knowledge and I am new to diaspora*, but i find it so interesting that I want to help in some way.

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You don’t have to use a pod (server) that’s in your country. There is no problem in using existing pods from abroad, like I do.

yeah I know, but having a pod for your country is better because of several factors, the main factor is ping. my page takes 40seconds to open, my connection is some what slow…
but what I ment was that with things like that suggestions can bring more people, so it increases the chances of you and me and many other people getting a pod for they’re own country :stuck_out_tongue:

Some redesigning is WIP, for example in

Please do not mix so many topic into a single discussion, that just gets hard to follow and will stall the discussion in no time. Open discussions with a single clearly defined topic.

Please use the search function, all your other points have existing discussions.

sry, only now I could understand how search box works and what tags I should use to see if there is any related post. thx for the intel ^^

@joaopereira welcome, by the way. Regarding the logo, this has been changed in the most recent release. It is now the full word, diaspora* in a lighter grey. See this image:

new header

mine is still this. thats why I talked about the logo.
man i will be honest, I will not try to help anymore, there are too much platforms involved, its git hub, its loomeo, I even strugle to creat an account xd. this is a hole new level I am not used, this is too complicated, too much things around diaspora…I sometimes help some companies doing something. my last hobby was improving a translation for Notepad++, but this is totally different, I feel it needs knowledge that I dont possess… so I cant help. too much things, a thing for improvements, a thing for bugs, a thing for etc and etc and etc, while other platforms use a single email or community for all that, much easier… here I dont even know where should I post something :stuck_out_tongue:

here I dont even know where should I post something :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel you @joaopereira - we totally need to improve on organization and community involvement. The trouble is we don’t have anyone taking responsibility for this stuff, so everyone does what they can.

But generally things are a lot better than say 2 years ago. Things are getting better, we’ve just got lots to improve on, as an open source project. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: