Spam comment in this post

I didn’t know where else to report this, and apparently I can’t just message Diaspora HQ? Anyway, it’s the 4th comment down, so I think somebody with access to the account should delete it.

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Well, not here. Loomio is for discussions and proposals, not for individual help things.

In that case, that account has already been deleted, although the user’s comments have not been removed (unfortunately). To report a spammer, you need to contact the podmin of whichever pod they have registered with. In the case of joindiaspora, it’s Maxwell Salzberg. The Diaspora HQ account is no longer maintained by the founders and has no longer has any connection with the running of the joindiaspora pod - it’s now maintained by a few volunteers from the community to make announcements and help users.

Unfortunately because the joindiaspora servers are overloaded and because of a performance issue affecting users with a lot of followers (Diaspora HQ has hundreds of thousands…), it’s not possible to remove comments from that account, as the server returns an error. So it’s up to the podmin, who no doubt is doing his best to respond to notifications about spammers.

Spam is becoming an increasing problem, and people have been discussing what means might be available to help combat it. Ideally there would be a means of reporting spam comments, along the lines of the post reporter feature, which alerts the podmin and gives them an option to remove all posts and comments made by that user as well as deleting their account.