Spread #newhere over the network

Usually I’m pretty inactive on loom.io so I am not sure if this was discussed allready.

I just answered a few #newhere postings and wondered why I can see 'em. Turns out: Most just came from my pod, sounds logic. But the point is: #Newheres usually don’t have many contacts so if they write a public post it will not reach “the network” but only the pod of the user.

So I thought it would be a nice idea if postings with the hashtag #newhere (any all translations of it) would spread more over the network and be sent to all known pods and not just to those with contacts of the origin poster. I think the best way would be if the podmin can config a list of hashtags that are sent everywhere. If all of this makes to much technical trouble an easy way would be a client-side solution, a bot that simply reshares the post and that bot has contacts on many (all known?) pods. So the original post would be federated too wouldn’t it?

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Instead of creating exceptions, maybe we could automatically subscribe the new users to the #newhere tag? (This could also be a good tutorial on how to follow a tag).

Agree with you, but to me it is a very minor feature. Dev should concentrate on more important feature !

Hmmm, maybe you’re right and it’s more a client-side job.

This relaying of the #newhere posts will be done automatically, once the posting relay is in general use that is currently in development.

#newhere (any all translations of it)

Translations will cause a problem when the translation changes. In particular, there is regularly a discussion raised about the french translation because it is gendered and should be changed.

The whole idea of #newhere is torpedoed because of translations :stuck_out_tongue: It shouldn’t be translated.

I think it is absolutely okay to have separate “newhere” per language. For me it really isn’t interesting at all if (for example) some user from Japan is joining and is writing Japanese.

So if one is coming from Germany then the user could use #neuhier and #newhere to signalize that the person is capable of these two languages. (But then the introduction should be bilingual as well)

Sure, that is good in principle, but in the UI we don’t say “use #neuhier or #newhere” we say just “#neuhier”. A German or any other language user wont even know about anything called #newhere :slight_smile:

I agree with Michael Vogel in most things: Yea, the “relay”-thingy will do what I sugested here and the translations are also okay I’d say. It isn’t important, people know at their first post they could use more hashtags in other languages, it is okay they only reach others speaking the same language natively. Some will recognize it by themself (because it’s not logical that the only #newhere-hashtag is not english) or just not.

@Augier I’d say the change of the hashtag also is no problem since the handling of these hashtags would also change on an update or within the config.

I don’t think it is useful to bother with foreign languages of the user for the hashtag #newhere. Having its first post using the hashtag translated in its mother tong already a good step in the right direction. If the user wants to do another post with a different translation of the #newhere tag, he’s encouraged to do so.