Stream should be named differently

Naming the main stream “Stream” is wrongly suggesting that there is only one stream on Diaspora*, while there are many, many others :

  • Stream
  • My Activity
  • @Mentions
  • My Aspects
  • #Followed Tags
  • Profile
  • Search
  • Other people’s profiles

Thus, I propose the Stream to be renamed Home or Main Stream.

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As the link directs you to all the aspects/tags streams, maybe it simply could be renamed Streams? Personally I feel comfortable with just Stream, but I agree that it’s not fully logical.


@paulgreindl I like that idea too. So the top bar would show “Streams”, and the stream itself could be called “Main stream”

I don’t think that calling anything “main stream” is a good idea.

Hm, there’s a Stylish file:

this would use the space better on laptops, so maybe, it could be thought with this proposal, too.

Well, there actually is only one stream I think. You can finetune your stream by selecting some options like Aspects or My activity but they appear in the same stream (just not all posts appear there while selecting one of the options).

Still, to clarify things for users, it might be desirable to change the name to something like Home Stream, or indeed Main Stream or just Main.

If I have to choose, I’d just keep it simple and name it ‘Home’.

@brentbartlett Yeah, I admit it doesn’t really sound… hipster enough to me :wink:

I’d go for Home. It sounds a lot more welcoming than “Stream” or “Home Stream” IMO. A good name also brings a good emotional feeling :wink:

*“Main Stream” I meant. Sorry

I’m fine with Stream but Home would work for me too.

I know it might be regarded as being a sheep or copying or lacking originality, but if we compare with other social networks…

  • Google+ renamed its main stream from “Stream” to “Home”, possibly for the same reasons;
  • Facebook’s main stream is called Home;
  • Twitter’s main stream is called Home;
  • Tumblr’s main stream is called Dashboard, but the icon is a house;
  • LinkedIn’s main page is called Home;
  •’s main stream is called Reader;
  •’s main stream is called “Your Stream”;
  • Orkut’s main stream is called Home.

What I notice from this analyze :

  • “Home” is for the most common and natural way to denominate the main stream;
  • Google+ made the switch from “Stream” to “Home”;
  • When a social network is “main stream” and popular, it uses the term Home.

This supports my idea that Home, similarly to the desktop metaphor is the most intuitive way to represent the main “stream” or page.

@ryunoki I don’t understand how this is relevant to this discussion.

The third point from my *analysis is kind of subjective, so here’s a corrected version for those who care :wink:

  • The bigger the user base, the most common Home is used as the term for denominating the main stream.

@gillesphilippemori It’s related in this way, that new stream names could be arranged in a way, that fits the different resolutions. Say, when more streams are embedded in the header navigation, it can be done clever :slight_smile:

To me, ‘Home’ for a website sounds very old-fashioned, like 1990s.

‘Main stream’ has other connotations in English, so I wouldn’t be in favour of that.

As @jellelangbroek pointed out, there is only one stream; the other views are filtered from that one stream. E.g. ‘My activity’ displays only the posts in your stream on which you have made a contribution; ‘My aspects’ displays only the posts in your stream made by people in your aspects; and so on.

I don’t see any confusion from calling the stream ‘Stream’. It seems to me to be trying to fix a problem which doesn’t exist.

I’m happy for people to propose alternative ideas, to see if anything better comes up, but unless there’s some amazing idea, I vote for retaining ‘Stream’ for the, er, stream.

ps: I don’t care what other social networks do.

@maliktunga just to clarify; have you actually heard the complaint from other people being confused by ‘Stream’?
I ask this because as @goob points out, let’s not create problems that aren’t there :wink:
as for me as podmin, I haven’t heard the complaint before.

@jellelangbroek Actual “complaints” no, but people to which I showed diaspora* did find that counter-intuitive. In fact, my position is reversed : why make it different from the standard? There is no problem in naming the main page “Home”… :wink:

@Goob 1990s, really? That’s not really an argument in my opinion. Desktops are called desktops since the 70s and that doesn’t make it a bad name. It may be “old-fashioned”, but there is a reason why it’s still used. Oldie but goodie :slight_smile:


Proposal: Should we rename the Stream?

YES : Stream should be renamed (e.g. “Home”).

NO : Stream is the best name that could ever be chosen. OR There’s no need to change.

Outcome: NO : Stream will not be renamed.


  • Yes: 3
  • Abstain: 3
  • No: 29
  • Block: 0

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How about ‘River’, since its a confluence of streams?

@adamlake That would be a creative analogy :slight_smile:

But as @jellelangbroek pointed out, the actual question right now is whether Stream should be renamed… which it seems should not!