Suddenly all activity no the pod stops


Every x days all activity seems to stop, no new items are processed, stream stops, etc. You’re still able to log in and see older items but nothing more (I have to restart the server to get going again). I searched to forum but could not find anything. Does anyone have a pointer for me to look for?

Dimitri (podmin

I think you mean :wink:

I can’t give you any technical advice, but someone else will be able to. Usually federation issues like this seem to relate to an incorrect SSL or DNS setup. If you have to restart the server to get federation going again, it might be Sidekiq or one of the related processes failing.

If everything stops working it sounds like your sidekiq dies, which does all the backend processing? If you start your server with eye (script/server) I think it should restart processes which die, so it would be interesting if the process is still running but doesn’t work anymore?

Yes, .com :wink:

Thanks. I’ll put a monitoring script on Sidekiq for now.