Tag Comment Functionality

Currently, tags that are used in comments do not add that content to results for those tags. It would be useful to be able to add tags in comments that cause the original post to come up in results for that tag. This is particularly useful in regards to the inability of a user to edit their post, should they have forgotten tags. Other than writing the code itself, are there any systemic problems preventing this from being implemented?

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Interesting idea, if I’ve understood it correctly…

So the end result of this would be that if you made a post and included the tag #funny then I could comment on your post and maybe put #joke in my comment on your post too. Then when someone searched for #joke your original post would appear in their search results, even though your post does not contain #joke.

Is this what you mean?

If this is the intended operation you’d have to consider the possibility of abuse of the system too.

What if I went and tagged all your posts with #nsfw or with a rude or explicit tag? (or worse)

Great idea! I second that. I built something very similar in the social network of Stud.IP and it works. I realized that the comment-hashtags should be visibly different from the usual hashtags of the posting. Go ahead!

@Rich Yes, that’s what I mean. Other than #NSFW, which hides the original post, having the ability to flag a post with a negative tag would represent the opinions of D* users fairly harmlessly and perhaps serve as a less authoritarian way of reporting abuse to the rest of the users… sort of a public shaming. I think there may be potential abuse, but not any more than normal tagging already has in allowing people to use tags to make people see content that offends people likely to be following those tags (not using #nsfw while posting porn to #religion would be an example), which is not heavily enough abused to even be of concern.

I like this idea too, nice one. Care to file it as an issue in the Github issue tracker? Won’t be lost as well as here, maybe add a link there to this discussion :slight_smile:

Implementing this might require some optimization to the code, maybe pre-generate post id’s or something to make sure performance is not hit, but otherwise hard to see why this couldn’t be done?

@Rich Actually, the original poster can delete comments, so now that I think of it, abuse is even less of an issue than I originally thought.

@Jason I have never used github and haven’t the slightest clue what I’d be doing. Feel free to copy and paste whatever you want from my posting here though. #kopimi

the original poster can delete comments

Yup, very true!

I agree with all what have been said above. I would just add that if we consider there is a risk of abuse (which seems not the case to me for the same reasons as given by @d351mims ), one possible limitation is to allow tagging by the only contacts of the person who originally posted. That could be a kind of filter.

one possible limitation is to allow tagging by the only contacts of the person

Very good idea too!

@d351mims I’ll log it on github :slight_smile:

I guess restricting adding tags through comments to contacts would confuse the users - especially because contacts may change. You might comment my posting, after that I add you as a contact but what happens with the tags in your comment?

Deleting comments would be a great way to handle abuse I think.

Deleting comments would be a great way to handle abuse

Or just being able to remove or deactivate (if this is technically possible) the tag? If in my comment I add a tag that you judge inappropriate, putting your mouse on it could make appear a small option saying “prevent tag referencing” or “delete this tag” ? This could be particularly useful in case of a long post that remains interesting despite a clumsy tag.

I wouldn’t want this feature to be implemented. I wouldn’t want a post of mine to show up in the stream of a tag page of a tag with which I hadn’t intended my post to be associated. This needn’t involve abuse; it would be the intended outcome of this idea.

I realise a public post can potentially be seen by anyone, but there is a difference between making a post public in scope and advertising it to specific groups of people (by using tags). I do think that only the original poster should be able to add a tag to a post.

@goob you can always delete the comments.

Yes, but that’s not really the point, is it?

In the other hand, tags could be useful. E.g : you can tag a post as #NSFW, but not the comments. What if you want to post explicit pics in a comment but cannot tag it #NSFW ?
I think this is one interresting use case.

That’s a different and special case, because #nsfw is a means of hiding content from view rather than promoting it.

Yeah, but it is precessed the same way in the logic.
But we can decide to process only #NSFW tags in comments.