Terms of Service Listing


Some pods allow bots, pornography, etc., and some pods don’t. One one side of the argument, “hate speech is free speech” and should never be censored. On the other side are laws and threats of lawsuits for that kinda stuff. So here’s an idea:

Why not list which pods have restrictions (no bots, no porn, etc) and which ones are anything-goes pods, and which are in-between? Moderated / Unmoderated I guess you could say.

That might help a lot in avoiding problems, both for podmins and users, by having new users sign up at the pod that suits their needs / philosophy / tastes.

I have blocked dozens of users for excessive profanity, racism, Nazism, etc., but it might have been easier to find a pod where that kinda stuff doesn’t make it to my stream to begin with. I totally respect free speech and anyone’s right to say whatever they want! But there’s no “right to be heard” and no requirement for anyone else to listen.


Interesting point about the “right to be heard.”
I’d very much enjoy to have an overview on where bots are allowed, just to get rid of all those roboted likes.