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do we have any means to automate the exchange between
github <–> pivotal tracker

I’d hate to have to attend to some issues twice in case they need attention…

At the moment, not that I’m aware. Honestly, I feel like Pivotal Tracker may be a duplication of efforts, considering that GitHub Issues makes for a fairly good issue tracker.

I’m guessing we need

  • a tool to collect ideas and tasks and to decide what is most important to “us” (possibly this loomeo thingy here)
  • a tool where we collect issues that come up (be it support requests from users or real code issues and bugs) with possibility for categorization and assigning people to the issues - so, github probably
  • a tool for documentation, where in some way, we need to handle not just what is already there, but potentially a complete reference of everything - github wiki (or better)

(… did I miss anything?)

so, either a few tightly integrated tools to aviod duplication as much as possible or one (or as few as possible) tools that can handle as much as possible on their own

… I think

We still need a way in our workflow for people to better claim tasks. PT isn’t a great option, and unfortunately, using BetterMeans is probably not a good option either. We don’t even technically need a tool for it, I think in some ways, we can have community members just claim a task by commenting on a GitHub Issue. I also feel that this renders the diaspora-discuss list as somewhat redundant and obsolete, as we can set up a user-facing group for user feedback in the form of proposals.

I like using a group model for feedback, too, as it gives us different avenues for users and developers to give insight and vote on community processes.

What were you thinking of as far as a documentation tool? I agree that the GitHub wiki has some shortcomings, and having a better way to check what docs are in and what docs are still needed would be fantastic.

you can modify stories with github commits if you set up pivotal=>github integration…just do [finished #issue-number] in the commit message somewhere and push it up. if your integration is set up right, it’ll change the status to “Finished” and leave a comment on the issue with your commit message.

i do agree that the Github Issue tracker is, for our interests, a better solution. seems to work for every other open source project out there, and it allows anyone to post an issue.

I’m not saying PT isn’t a valuable tool, I am just raising the question whether it will fit into our new structure - just to get that out there.

About the Docs: I only have experience with MediaWiki, and from what I know it really does everything.
I just think we need something that has some sort of reusable blocks (like Templates in MediaWiki) and a more advanced formatting system (e.g. for the install page, the user selects mysql or pgsql and then all the instructions are shown in regard of the chosen DB … or maybe even something where we could drop in some HTML if necessary)…

Hi, why we don’t use mediawiki? I think it’s good plattform for the documentation. It’s very popular so many people already know it. And it’s easy for everybody to edit and remove mistakes or translate a page.

Github is a really good plateform, I don’t think we need something else to track bugs. And if we keep the wiki up to date, it can be a good place for the documentation.

Just a word about the “mailing list” : I don’t have a google account and don’t want to create one, so I can’t participate. I think we have to find something else.

Why don’t try with a simple forum which will be customized ? Everyone knows how a forum works.

Flaburgan, you can subscribe to the mailing list without a Google account.

I’m not sure about a forum - or MediaWiki. Both seem like additional tools that don’t really offer more than duplication of what is already. Github is a good enough wiki for now and discussion already happens on D* itself, the mailing list, IRC and now here.

PivotalTracker - not sure I like that one. It’s kinda ugly and seems complex :slight_smile: I guess it has good features. But is it too demanding?

I agree that we have to limit the number of tools. Each tool necessitates an inscription so it is annoying. What happened with getsatisfaction ? Didn’t take a look at it.

(how can I subscribe to the mailing list ?)

GetSatisfaction was just terrible. It had only one outlet for user feedback, and didn’t do a great job in allowing us to facilitate requests and issues that just kept piling up.

Flaburgan, check this wiki page: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/wiki/How-to-use-the-Mailing-Lists

There seem to be two lists, didn’t even know the discuss list. Joined myself now :stuck_out_tongue:

@Sean : so, why the website is still online ? We have to clean a lot of stuffs :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jason : thx

@Fla we can’t close it. GS won’t let us close it all down, instead all they let you do is “Disable” the service, and still allow people to give feedback. :frowning: It’s a mess.

Really ? That’s amazingly stupid. Did you try to contact admins directly ?

We did. No dice. Never using that service ever again.