The core team -- a bottleneck of the diaspora* development

(Flaburgan) #41

New topic about the docker dev image there.


Basically, experimental stuff can just be done in seperate independant repos, without harming the official diaspora/diaspora repos’ stable reputation. Venturous podmins can install from there. Their existence could be unofficially announced on Diaspora, for example.

Just like Richard Stallman recommends not to wait for the GNU project to build your libre software…

(Rob) #43

Hi all. I was reading this discussion with interest. Although I am not a coder, I hope I can help out on my metrics: community. I have been involved in several (opensource) projects as part of the community team. Currently I am active with the NethServer project as project ambassador. I also have a pod running on a nethserver instance. In the NethServer community we have a nice howto install Diaspora on NethServer. It works quite painless and installing Diaspora with this howto is a breeze.
If you could use a community guy helping out managing the community and do some moderation, I do have the experience and am open to help out the Diaspora* effort.