The meaning of each part in an email subject from diaspora* Discourse

Today I have received two email messages from here, with a subject similar to:

[diaspora* Discourse] [PM] The thread: “Word Word Word Word Word Word”

What is the meaning of the “[PM]” part? Private message? But private messages will also be threads? By visiting the address inside the message inside the “Visit Message” link does not answer me. It does not say the thread is in any forum, but it does not say anything else.

Discourse is very confuse to use. I prefer simple pages, completely static, without things changing dynamically. They are unpredictable and annoying. Discourse could have a version that work without javascript enabled.


I don’t know the answer to your question, but I imagine that the [PM] in the subject line means that the message you have received is a private message concerning the thread named in the subject line.

It’s a simple notification email, isn’t it?