Third party Sign in Lookio

There are a few options to sign in at oomia with a third party. Amongst them, Facebook, Twitter and a few other.

Surprisingly it was not possible to sign in with Diaspora.

I believe this would be a “nice to have”.

Do others agree?

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I do not agree to facilitate connection with proprietary platforms.

This would require an API for Diaspora which do not exist yet. You can search Loomio and Github issues for more information about the implementation of the API.

@richardmeijer This is a Loomio issue, not one concerning Diaspora. You’ve posted in the wrong group - this is the Diaspora group - the group for suggestions about improving Loomio itself is here:

Your idea has been suggested to the Loomio developers before, so they’re already aware of it as an idea. As Erwan says, Diaspora would need a working API for this to be possible.


I thought he was trying to type ‘Loomio’. Apologies if I’ve misunderstood.

Please, never we exchange any data with proprietary platforms.

@juansantiago: Once OpenID Connect is integrated into diaspora, every plateform will be able to propose a sign-in with diaspora without asking any permission.

The good point is that, the information that will be exchange in the OIDC flow will be very limited (there will not even be the email). So, this is actually no big deal to propose that feature.