Thunderclap New Year's campaign

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Yes, let’s start with 100 and see… If we can promote over all social medias (all diaspora accounts), that be great

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Also, what timezone should we pick? I think it’s best to pick US eastern time… (GMT -5)

If it hits at 12:00 am US eastern time it is 18:00 in europe (GMT +1).
(whereas if it hits at 12:00 GMT it is 06:00 am in US central…)

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Agreed. I got another vote for the “break free” version from Anime Machina, so let’s go with that one.

Other details:

organizer name
Diaspora*, the social network where you are in control!

Who are you?
Diaspora is a decentralized, nonprofit, ad free, privacy aware, open source social network. In diaspora* you own your data. You do not sign over any rights to a corporation or other interest who could use it without your consent. With diaspora*, your friends, your habits, and your content are YOUR business …

Join DIASPORA* social network!


message link

I tweaked the text i posted earlier a bit and added :

*While diaspora may not yet have all the features other social network offer (mind you, the open source community is adding features all the time…!), it does offer you ethical values that many other social networks lack! *

Let’s hit submit…?

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Yes, great! let’s go

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I just picked that image, can be changed later if we want.

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@mflo Can I send you the final text so you can translate it into french?

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Sorry to answer now but of course yes, i ll do it as quick as i can

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Can you add the french translation to the campaign or the campaign itself will only be in english?

(sumimasen) #70

The campaign itself will be in english, as there is no feature for it being multi lingual. But we can add the french translation to the updates section I believe. Never done this before, so not entirely sure, will have to see once the campaign has been approved…

We can also use the text (both french and english) in diaspora posts explaining the campaign I guess.

Oh, and I can make french versions of the promotional images, If you provide me with translations… :slight_smile:

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btw, thank you so much for helping out!

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fixed some typo’s

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I’m starting now. watch out, the first diaspora misses an S

No, thank you, you did this :wink:

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french version

(sumimasen) #76

And we’re approved!:

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@mflo great work! I will add your translation asap! I think (hope) someone is working on a spannish translation aswell. I will do a dutch version.

Tomorrow I will do a kick-off post on diaspora to officially start this thing, let’s hope people are up for it :slight_smile:

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We have the spannish version also, and the german one is being worked on by some people :slight_smile:

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Awesome work everybody involved! Will push out from official channels. Share share share everyone, even if you don’t own a FB or other Thunderclap-compat account!

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Oh there is a typo:

You probably have some other creative ideas. Share them on diaspra* using the hashtag #thunderclap2015!

“diaspra*” --> “diaspora*”