Thunderclap New Year's campaign

(Jason Robinson) #81


What can YOU do to make this campaign a major succes?

“succes” --> “success”

(sumimasen) #82

Thanx Jason, will fix the typo’s as soon as i get to a computer tonight. Will post kick off announcement on D* tonight too!
Still working on the translations , but that should be ready tomorrow aswell.

([deactivated account]) #83

94/100 supporters!! SInce @jasonrobinson posts! Thank you! I think we can change to 250 supporters @sumimasen

([deactivated account]) #84

It’s a shame, I have problems loading diaspora* since yesterday , I coulnd’t post the campaign on it

(Jason Robinson) #85

Bummer, hope it’s only temporary issues for :stuck_out_tongue:

250 sounds challenging, maybe 200? Thunderclap will not post it out if we don’t reach?

(sumimasen) #86

It’s either 100, 250 or 500. I’ll wait for a bit and raise the bar if we get a bit closer to 250 ;-).

([deactivated account]) #87

I saw this today >

Maybe we can also do our Honest christmas card? We can find something ironic… "

(sumimasen) #88

Yeah… Why not? I’m working the next few days, I have no time to contribute much… Do you have an idea?

(Camil) #89

Maybe a Cerberus Santa Clause (ok, not scarry though), with three heads, bearing “privacy”, “open source”, “decentralization”. Shocking and funny :wink:

(IVXCVI) #90

Well I posted this last night. I didn’t know about the thunderclap campaign until just now. I added a link to it in the main body, however.