Hi everyone, hope you have a great winter break.

I was thinking about how we are organized, and I find that, things aren’t clear. We need a place to present explicitly what we plan to do, what energy we are putting on and if it will be available soon.

If I ask what are the feature on the launch right now, we have to scroll github, looking at thread, ask people if they still work on it… This can’t be okay…

Maybe we should at least define a roadmap and choose what will be available in which version, even if we are not able to put a date on the release.

For example, the single post view which is totally buggy, everyone says that it will be strip / replace by the older version, but who is working on that ? When will it be done ?

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I totally agree with you.

Yes that’s the right place

Please don’t create another wishlist.

The github page is not clear to me. Too technical.

@christophe : I do not thinks that @flaburgan meant to make a new wishlist…

@christophe I mean a roadmap, not a wishlist. @seantilleycommunitymanager wrote some times ago a todo list with things like “put federation on a layer”, “create an official structur like a foundation” etc. My point is, we need to know who is working on what, what is the progress, where we need help…

We have a todo list.

As @diaspeu has said, we should be using Milestones to visualize which features are going to make it into each release.

@flaburgan your point about single post view needs its own thread. adding.

Tom Scott, github is great for the code. What about make a foundation, translation, communication, things around like the official site, the wiki, a forum, a mailing list…

I’m not sure if this is a good idea for you guys, but we use Trello a lot for working on Loomio and we really like it. As an example, here’s our main high-level development board for keeping track of what we’re working on. I think github milestones might already solve this problem for you though.

However, for non-code stuff I think Trello could possibly work for you. It’s worth checking out at least. Although, I’ve found that keeping track of things you’ll never get to can be counter-productive. =)

@flaburgan we have a wiki on github. we have a “forum” here. we have a mailing list on google. github’s issue tracker is good for us in a number of ways:

  1. People are expecting to post issues there. It’s the first place we tell people to go when they make bugs.
  2. There are ways to categorize issues into feature requests, bugs, etc., give them importance, and attach them to a milestone
  3. Almost every other big project (including Rails and RSpec) uses Milestones to track development progress. Why don’t we?

What exactly is the problem we are trying to solve here?

As not a lot of people contribute, github can be enough. I knew trello, this is a good tool, but another tool will be too many.

I see very little use of milestones in GitHub. 0.0.3 has 3 open tickets and 0.1 one.

Imo more delegation + use of milestones would solve this issue at hand.

I don’t really see the point of another to-do list. The workflow could be:

suggest / discuss new ideas on loomio, merge successful proposals / good ideas into github issues. Decide on a roadmap (aka milestones), then move tickets into milestones.

Downside is: too many tickets might mess up the focus on a milestone. Maybe milestone and tags like p1-3 for priority and “beginner” (as already used) would be helpful.

+1 for the current system and let’s make better use of existing platforms.

Speaking of: e.g. for this beginners issue there’s a volunteer. How could he be assigned? Only admins can do that? Sure we could also wait until he delivers some code, but why not assign him and have that info that this issue is assigned available in the overview?

As @flaburgan said, Github issues and milestones are good for development but they’re not suited for other stuff like Translation, Communication, Legal issues, …
A wiki page might enough but we need something to list everything we have to do, who’s working on it, what’s been done, …

This info should be easily accessed from the web page.

A bit like this page :

but with some more info such as a simple progress bar (with indication of time).

That would be a good communication arguments to tell that D* is not dead if people can see the progress this way because not many things have changed since one year for D* (at least from the user perspective) : same bugs, same lack of features…

from the dev-perspective the github milestones are enough. (yes, there simply isn’t any more going on, than you see in the current milestones - apart from open pull requests).
Apart from that, I’d rather not start using another tool, until we really need it.

Okay so I simply created a page on the wiki. @seantilleycommunitymanager I could be a good place to keep trace and progress about what is done :slight_smile:

Here are some bugs which need to be fixed because really annoying. It’s these bugs which keep this impression of non stable in Diaspora.

  1. Send profile update (the profile of a person is not the same from different pods : one did not receive an update) #3976

  2. Pictures are not always federated with posts Loomio discussion #3940

  3. The stream does not contain every posts of every aspects #3786

  4. Refactoring the single post view Discussion on loomio, #3942

I think we should focus on these bugs and if we correctly deal with all of them, Diaspora can be announced as v0.1.0.0

I’m happy to help squash those bugs. C= Could somebody link me to somewhere I could read up on the federation protocol?

you can find a lot of useful info on