Try increasing the start_timeout value?

Hello! I’ve been running into an issue with setting up Diaspora in a docker container. When I go to start it up, everything seems to be good- config files are good to go, database is set up, but it seems to continually restart the server, with only a few warns and errors (very nondescript ones):

W, [2020-05-17T02:32:46.449939 #163] WARN – : [Eye::System] [web] sending :KILL signal to <327> due to timeout (15s)

E, [2020-05-17T02:32:46.450755 #163] ERROR – : [diaspora:web] execution failed with #<Timeout::Error: execution expired>; try increasing the start_timeout value(the current value of 15s seems too short)

E, [2020-05-17T02:32:46.450913 #163] ERROR – : [diaspora:web] process <> failed to start ("#<Timeout::Error: execution expired>")

W, [2020-05-17T02:32:46.452284 #163] WARN – : [diaspora:web] check crashed: process is down

They all seem to suggest that the server is timing out, but all of the other logs are great and suggest that everything is going perfectly. Is there a way to increase that start_timeout value?

As I explained on IRC,

in config/eye.rb, inside the process :web do block, you can add a start_timeout 20.seconds

Oh huh! I never got the message. Might be Matrix acting up (I was using the Matrix-> IRC bridge)! Thank you!

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