Ubuntu PPA

@seantilleycommunit I’m not sure there is a need to package Diaspora devel branch source code on Launchpad - it’s way too fast moving to need packaging, why not just pull it from Github?

Master branch on the other hand is slower moving and packaging it would allow tying it to the Ubuntu Diaspora installer to make configuring easier for example.

Yeah, probably not. I was just curious as to whether packaging our bleeding edge would be useful for Ubuntu users. I mean, it’s easy enough to set up a develop localhost environment. :wink:

It’s not as easy as doing “sudo apt-get install diaspora-dev” and starting development. That is how easy we need to make it :slight_smile:

I definitely agree with you there. We need to make it really stupidly easy to set up a Diaspora pod, at least from the distribution’s side of things.