Unable to interact on [please fill in pod]

IDK if it is a federation issue or a pod issue, but I have been unable to share, like, delete or comment unless someone likes or favs a post, or a post I have written/posted. I tried emailing my pod admin, but it is still same old crap since June. Can anyone help me here? I do not want to change pods, I have too much on my pro to delete. Can’t save it all. Can anyone help, here?

Could you give us the details of your pod? If you haven’t been able to get any response from your pod admin, you’ll probably need to move, if they’re not being responsive, but it might be possible that someone else has a means of contacting them. Good luck.

[Edited to remove the ‘post this in the support section’ comment now that this thread has been moved there, to stop me looking like a total idiot!]

Ugh. Didn’t want to change… Thank you for your reply.

Blessed Be.