URGENT: create landing/splash page

(goob) #41

Sean, many thanks for doing this. I appreciate, and I’m sure it’ll help.

You’re absolutely right that it’s important to finish the new site that you and Dennis have been working on, and I’d still like to help with that; if I can doing anything more in the line of copy-writing or copy-editing, I’d be happy to. Please just let me know if so.

Best wishes, Goob

(Dennis Schubert) #42

current state: the new version (the static content only atm as I runned out of time) is deployed on the targeted servers. DNS changes are made and we’re now waiting for them to roll out. As soon as ‘everybody’ is able to visit the new site, we’ll push a redirect-app to Heroku to redirect everyone to the new site.

(after that, we’ll work on the wiki as it is really slow at the moment)

(Jason Robinson) #43

Good stuff guys.

I get this SSL warning:
diasporafoundation.org uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown.
The certificate is only valid for the following names:
schub.io , *.schub.io

(Jason Robinson) #44

Edit; I guess it’s because DNS has not propagated and I get Schub.io content :slight_smile:

(Flaburgan) #45

Just a question, on which server all the sites are hosted? Who has access to it?

What about create a wiki page where we list “all” the web sites about diaspora* and the contact? It can be very useful if we want to warn or point a mistake or anything else.

(Flaburgan) #46

Okay I created this page, I think it could be great if everybody fill it with everything: http://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/Diaspora_websites_contacts

(Flaburgan) #47

Hm, http://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/Project_assets was already about that

(Jason Robinson) #48

@flaburgan yeah the project assets page was for this reason

(goob) #49

@dennisschubert - Nice work. I can see the site fine.

This is great, and I’m sure it’ll be a big help in effective communication with the wider community and prospective members.

(Dennis Schubert) #50

@flaburgan i editied the table because I didn’t saw the assets site. Please move the information… :slight_smile:

Right now, I’m donating the servers. If somebody has problems with that, just ping me, we can talk. We also will move the wiki to my hardware ‘soon’ because it’s really slow at the moment… shared webhosting… :slight_smile:

@jasonrobinson is it working for you now? If not, what do you see?

(Dennis Schubert) #51

Oh, well. There is no SSL certificate for the foundation-site. I doubt we have one, so I’ll create a CACert this evening. :slight_smile:

(Jason Robinson) #52

@dennisschubert still see your site, could just be DNS cached on my machine hmm… ponders how to clear or to wait

I think it would be good to have the site under https - advertising Diaspora* with the word privacy and not enabling SSL is kinda wrong :slight_smile: Even if we process no user information. At least for the wiki it is needed.

(Flaburgan) #53

I needed to clear Firefox cache but now I see the new site too. But nothing at www. and https is redirecting to denschub website.

@dennisschubert what about a StartSSL certificat? I don’t like the validation step needed by the cacert one: people who is going to see this site are not nerds…

(Dennis Schubert) #54

@seantilleycommunit did you set up the wildcard-subdomain-A record too? If not… please do it…

@flaburgan I don’t like StartSSL too much. But I’ll… obtain another (non-CACert) certificate asap.

(Flaburgan) #55

Any reasons for that?

(Dennis Schubert) #56

@flaburgan Yes. We’ll have a non-StartSSL but globally trusted SSL certificate in 24 hours. I’ll add a cacert later as a temporary workround. ETA: 3 hours.

(i’ll also work with @seantilleycommunit to get the DNS done.)

(Taylor McLeod) #57

Hey all, I’ve been traveling for the last month and have been out of the picture because of it. After reading this whole convo history and finding a repeating trend of having “the keys” in the hands of a couple people from the Old Guard original crew, I wanted to clarify: Have we now spread the access and control around? Or are we still in a sub-optimal setup where a couple people have unelected non-transparent control of everything?



(Dennis Schubert) #58

Hey all,

as you already know, we don’t have a SSL certificate right now. As we want to have multiple subdomains (for a blog, a planet and other stuff that’s coming), we would need a wildcard certificate.
Wildcard certificates are expensive so that’s a small problem. But! I’m working for a German company developing web applications and my boss likes the Diaspora idea so he’d be happy with donating a real and trusted wildcard certificate to us. I don’t want to go and say “yes” without checking if somebody has a veto. Also, I’d like to say “Thanks” via the projects Twitter account, if that’s okay for everyone. Thoughts?
Unfortunately, I cannot create a poll here as we need a decision fast…

(Sean Tilley) #59

Personally, I’m all for it. I have no problem with giving thanks, and we honestly could really use a good Wildcard SSL. :smiley:

(goob) #60

Sounds great to me, Dennis. I can’t see anything wrong with the project thanking the company - after all, the project site used to thank all the crowd-source funders. As long as your boss isn’t expecting Diaspora to officially endorse his products :wink:

Thanks for finding this resource, as it’ll be a real help. And thanks from me to your boss too.