Use case: Church denomination + partner churches?

Hi - I am researching creating a private social network for a church denomination; have a few Qs about diaspora!

In this use case, a group of individual church leaders (ie, representatives of different churches) could connect together online, share content, resources, etc.

  1. Is there a way to allow for the concept of “church affiliation” to be applied? Ie, so that users who are from a particular church could be identified as such within the platform.

  2. If a “church” entity could exist within the network, could this entity host particular resources within the network? Ie, if Church XYZ wanted to host training resources (PDFs, image assets, text, etc) to allow other churches to see and access these? I envision this as being a page/tab with particular assets displayed in an organized manner that the church could maintain.

  3. Also, is there a concept of “sub networks” with diaspora? Ie, so the churches could have their own (linked) sub network that is also part of the greater network (ie with private communication that is not shared across the denomination, but only internally among individual church members).

  4. This being the case, I would imagine that a particular user could have access to either one (just denomination or just a single church), or both (denomination + single church), depending on their role within the organization.

  5. Finally, is there any concept of a “marketplace” in diaspora? In this case it would be for sharing of resources, not for buying and selling. But churches could post what they have, and other churches likewise could ask for things they need.

If some or all of these do not natively reflect diaspora’s capabilities… perhaps the scope of creating these capabilities in a customized instance of diaspora could be commented on?

I think that is it for now! Thank you for your support.

Perhaps just a private pod without any federation to other Diaspora pods?

I agree with Robin here, your best bet is to create the platform without federation.

Churches themselves would have to create their own account, and then you can also have certain church staff create their own accounts as well.

Other than that, what you’re describing is actually a ‘group’ function. I think this is something that’s actively being worked by devs, but it’s not ready yet and might take some time.

The best case use for a marketplace would be the usage of certain tags and then follow those tags. As long as it’s used uniformly, it should work as a marketplace. I’m not sure if devs are working this or not, but I do know this isn’t the first time this has been suggested.