User ratings on

  • protection against malicious pods (not that I heard of any so far)
  • trust
  • criterion to pick a pod is an independent project by @dmorley, so this is not the right place do have discussions about that…

oh sorry. Where would be the right place? On github?
Should I delete here or something?

I pinged him here, so let’s see what he has to say. :slight_smile:


And it’s already possible to rate pods on since years.

Really? How embarrassing… So are the general ratings based on user reviews then? I always thought it was based on some automated benchmark. Furthermore, I even fail to find those ratings, I believe to remember, on the current site.

Click on Detailed view and select the Ratings column.

Very few people have actually left comments and ratings, but the facility has been there almost as long as poduptime has been active.

You could perhaps publicise this and encourage people to leave reviews and ratings if you find it a useful tool.


I didn’t see that column because by screen is too small -.-
Had to zoom out… Couldn’t scroll horizontally…

Concerning “publicise”: Well, I could tell people and post on Diaspora, I guess…