Verifying camo installation

I just setup camo for my pod and everything appears to be working but how do I know it really is? My pod still shows as mixed content so that’s why I’m wondering because I thought camo would fix that.


Have you uncommented this line in your diaspora.yml file?

#proxy_remote_pod_images: true

If you enabled camo for everything in the diaspora.yml, it can still happen, that something is loaded via http. Camo can not handle everything, for example content embedded via oembed (youtube, twitter) is out of our scope, if that loads something via http, you still get the warning.

I just tried setting proxy_remote_pod_images: true and that broke all profile photos. I’m guessing I have something configured wrong.

Where is the config file for apache that you setup the reverse proxy for camo?

Ok, I finally got camo working…phew! One thing I noticed though, when someone posts a link to another website, the preview picture is broken now. Anyway to fix that?

If it works for markdown images and profile images, it should work the same for opengraph pictures, if enabled.

I just checked and it’s not working for markdown images. Any suggestions?

Then it’s not working at all? Maybe different keys at diaspora and camo?