WebRTC Jitsi meet

How about Webrtc jitsi meet

Fast Video conference calls + desktop sharing. Etc

Demo https://meet.jit.si
Rocket.chat was able to implement it as seen on


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I thought of this before, and I also have experience of deploying jitsi meet. Besides an XMPP server jitsi meet requires setting up a couple of Java applications at the back end. I’d love to see the possibility of integration of this piece of software in diaspora. This would make it a more like a big commercial social networks who provide videochat capabilities sometimes. If diaspora wants a WebRTC support, having it integrated with XMPP would be a good choice I think, since we have XMPP integration already and we can reuse an existing solution (jitsi meet). However this would at least require a huge UI work (not to say about setting backend parts together). And there is none contributor for that, and even if there was one, as we know, it’s not enough to bring changes into diaspora.