What are podmins doing about spam accounts?

I decided to activate the auto delete option. But with very large timescales:

  • 990 days of inactivity
  • 90 days before deletion a warning message.
    This way I think false positives will have enough time to reactivate.
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Rob, that sounds great! Is that automatically working on any pod or specifically on diasp.eu?

It’s available on any pod, but by default not set. You have to enable this on your pod by editing config/diaspora.yml
Find the ##Maintenance section in the diaspora.yml file and uncomment remove_old_users
In my diaspora.yml file it looks like this:


## Various pod maintenance related settings are controlled from here.
maintenance: ## Section

  ## Removing old inactive users can be done automatically by background
  ## processing. The amount of inactivity is set by `after_days`. A warning
  ## email will be sent to the user and after an additional `warn_days`, the
  ## account will be automatically closed.
  ## This maintenance is not enabled by default.
  remove_old_users: ## Section

    enable: true
    after_days: 990
    warn_days: 90

    ## Limit queuing for removal per day.
    limit_removals_to_per_day: 100

@robb_nl - Okay, thank you. I am just a user, mot a pod admin. So i’ll have to find the admin of diasp.eu for this…