What next for the Diaspora community?


That is a sad, depressing joke. :frowning: I hate this joke. :frowning:

Anyways, on the positive side, this led me to think, we can contact FSF for support, even if it’s just moral support. :slight_smile:


I would love to see the group functionality. Is there someway to donate this this specifically?

I use facebook of necessity when working with volunteer groups, school groups etc. and I would love be advocate the change do diaspora* but without groups I can’t

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You can add to the bounty on the open GitHub ticket for this issue: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/6278

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Groups and Events would be super-helpful in persuading folks to switch…
and, if I understand the architecture: portable accounts,
and, sorry, cross-posting to FB :frowning_face:

I say this with humility, as my contribution here would be simply in
getting folks to switch… …(my other contribution: hosting a friend implementing
physical world off-the-grid-access-to-the-dWeb - and in the
middle of a food-forest, I hope :slight_smile: … actually a 4.8 acres
little community up in the hills )

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They’re both awaiting someone to step forward and take them on. Hopefully among the G+ influx there will be developers who want these features enough to work on them.

Account migration is being worked on. It is a super-complex feature and so has taken a long time, in testing as well as coding. Some of the current work can be seen here.

Facebook totally broke cross-posting from other services about a month ago. Before that, Diaspora had a working cross-posting feature, but under Facebook’s current policy it will be impossible for any other service to cross-post to Facebook. You can still cross-post to Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress from Diaspora, if you are on a pod whose admin has enabled those services.

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I am unsure what purpose this thread serves these days. It attracts asking the same questions over and over again, and it renders basically every comment off-topic, as there is no clear topic. This isn’t really what discussions on Discourse should be, so I will close this, and ask people to…

  • … use the search search feature to look up other threads if you want to know the state of a specific feature.
  • … follow the #announcements category and follow hq@pod.diaspora.software on diaspora* to know what’s up.
  • … post in the feature-specific discussion threads if there are ideas on how to improve an idea or a feature, but please refrain from posting “i want this, too” or “this is important” comments. :slight_smile:

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