When updating diaspora* instance, bin/bundle --full-index says running version is older etc

I have just tried updating my diaspora* instance, and followed the instructions on the updating wiki page. I reached this point (updating the Ruby libraries):

gem install bundler
bin/bundle --full-index

The first command ran fine:

diaspora@erdos:~/diaspora$ gem install bundler
Successfully installed bundler-2.0.1
Parsing documentation for bundler-2.0.1
Done installing documentation for bundler after 6 seconds
1 gem installed

but the second gave a warning message:

diaspora@erdos:~/diaspora$ bin/bundle --full-index
Warning: the running version of Bundler (1.16.6) is older than the version
that created the lockfile (1.17.1). We suggest you upgrade to the latest
version of Bundler by running `gem install bundler`.

though it seemed to run correctly. It’s not clear to my why bin/bundle is picking up the older bundle rather than the newly installed one.

Any suggestions?



Maybe it’s because we didn’t update to bundler 2.x yet and it doesn’t pick the new major release automatically. But anyway, everything is fine, and it’s only a warning and 1.16.6 should work perfectly.

Thanks! It’s strange to me (not knowing exactly how ruby works) that the bundler 2.0.1 gem is installed (I can see it in the .rvm directory), but it’s not being picked up. Anyway, glad that’s it’s nothing to worry about :slight_smile: