Where do we discuss D*?

Hi all, I’m new to D*, I just rigged up a pod of my own (https://dia.neep.net) and I am very enthusiastic about it so far.

I went in search of a place where D* dev/features/admin etc. are discussed and I ended up in two places so far:

This is a bit confusing to me and it appears there is some overlap and gaps in between these two.

Should we work towards consolidating this into one place?

If we had a Group/Community function in D* that could also be the best place, perhaps?

Just putting this out there, I have no bias, just wondering, as a newcomer.


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/me pulls up a chair and grabs some popcorn

(don’t forget IRC too)

Why don’t we discuss on github too? We should discuss wherever is possible. Is “consolidation” necessary?

All the channels do something slightly different, or offer a different means of communication for people who are more comfortable using that means.

  • GitHub = an issue tracker, for ensuring that bugs are fixed and new features are implemented. Discussion can happen on any issue to find the best way to fix a bug or implement a few feature.
  • Loomio = a platform for discussion and voting on more complex or controversial topics, to reach agreement where possible on how to proceed. The proposals/voting function on Loomio is the main reason for using this platform. It might be, for example, ‘do we want feature x in Diaspora?’ - if it’s voted yes, then an issue can be created in GitHub for that feature.
  • Diaspora itself = good in principle, but as yet the performance of the software/network is not high enough for it to be an appropriate place for important discussions - because, for instance, you can’t be sure that everyone who needs to read a particular post/comment will indeed receive it, and not in a timely fashion.
  • IRC = live chat, for those instances in which that can be useful (e.g. receiving help when trying to install a pod, or when your pod crashes), or just for those people who are more comfortable in that environment.
  • mailing list = for people who prefer to post to a mailing list.

It doesn’t mean that some streamlining wouldn’t be possible, but each channel does do a different job, or does provide some different options, so there’s a reason each is kept open.

Hi Goob, thanks for that summing up, that’s clearing up things for me. However I still miss diasporaforum.org in there, but I guess that is for discussion on less complex/controversial topics that don’t require voting?

Oh yes, I forgot diasporaforum - it’s only recently been reopened. It should have been on the list. Again, it’s a different communication medium for those who prefer that, and it does a slightly different job from the others. You’re right, it’s a place for people to discuss things informally, and to get help with things they’re having difficulty with. It’s community-run rather than an ‘official’ channel. People can of course discuss whatever they like on the forum, but it’s not a place for ‘official’ decisions about the direction of the project to be made.