Why do not you go toward marketing?

Hey you all.
I am a new user Diaspora * and a beginner in ruby ​​, etc , . I have look from a few days networks on Diaspora * and I decided to write a few ideas , because ,soon I’m going to create something , and have to create someone who is more skilled . Since I have a concept and perfectly fit the Diaspora * . Plus or minus two years, drawing attention to issues related to software , etc. But just now I came across the d * and seems to me that I found something great . That’s what convinced me the most ,is probably- history . When I saw the script I wanted to find out who’s behind this . A few verses on wikipedia and saw something that I’ve been waiting ‘’ … he wanted to do something with his time That would make freedom " - I believed him .
I was wondering if this little pat original ideas , but I found myself arguments that are sufficient.

Forgive this long introduction , in return for that now fly from the end. For me, the most valuable extension at this point , it would just - pages ( fanpages , socialpages etc ) , but well thought out websites . Therefore , the Diaspora * is well- designed and minimalist , you can not spoil and make garbage. I am aware that d * is now wanting nilly promoted to project a niche as a script for family and friends. But I think it could fulfill the many other roles.
Why Pages ?
Please imagine a situation that someone creates ‘’ under ‘’ and it is say 100 guitarists. He made for them a new dice . IAnd want to sell them. People still do not realize until the end that the greatest value is collective, that network has a value because someone is there, not because they invested in him millions .
This project decentalize has two meanings for me , one of those known to one group did not have so much control over the users of . But the second is the one to distract users from large corporations - and this is the real mission . Because it is very dangerous to anyone he had so much strength media . And groups such as those guitarists is really a lot, and people that want to reach them with the product even more. And it could kick-start some Pods ane even introduce some care of this. Of course, as I mentioned, they should be different. I think it would benefit both sides, for the time users and potential. If this project was more media than now … In any case, such a in the rapidly, this is what interests me now. Surely will share everything I can get to figure out.
I read in one of the aspect that, discussions about the available options users with visual changes, maybe just this possibility should have for example pages?
greetings to all

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Sorry, I didn’t get it.

Can you explain it again (or edit the text?).

In case of marketing, one would have to introduce some measurements (count "like"s, “shares” and “comments” among others) to get a feeling for the ROI … not sure, wether you’d find support for that.

Hi Bartus, and welcome to Diaspora.

I’m not sure I’ve understood your proposal completely, but I think you’re asking for the implementation of ‘pages’ for organisations and so on, in the way that Facebook has ‘pages’. You mention guitarists, and (I think) how a ‘page’ could help them promote their work etc.

Page, groups etc. are features which have been requested many times. It is something that is very likely to be introduced in the future. However, there are more fundamental, structural problems to be solved first. One is that Diaspora doesn’t yet have a totally reliable system of moving data between servers (‘pods’) as it is needed - what we call ‘federation’. There is also a lot of work going on to make Diaspora’s architecture more stable. These have to be higher priority than creating nice features such as pages.

Pages depend less on reliable federation of data than groups, events, calendars and so on, so if someone wants to create the feature, they’re welcome to do so. But it’s not something that is likely to become a priority for the project until the more fundamental problems with network performance have been solved.

It’s important that we make sure the network is performing really well and reliably before we present ourselves as a network that is ‘ready’ for everyone to use. As all our developers are volunteers who develop Diaspora’s software in their spare time, progress is slow. You’ve joined a network which is still in the development stage - not a finished product ready to be marketed. The people we really need to market ourselves towards are prospective developers who could help speed up the progress of development of the software.