Wiki Cleanup

(Jonne Haß) #21

If you could make a draft under so we have something more concrete to discuss/agree about that would be awesome IMO. As said I’ve no preference personally, that is a small tendency to first cap, else lowercase with exceptions like Diaspora, but all I really want is consistency.

(goob) #22

I’ve made a draft under (didn’t notice the “Diaspora Wiki” in the article title until it was too late…)

I’ve tried to be as general as I can and also as brief as I can, covering the main points of variance which crop up in articles while not being too prescriptive.

Please note that at this stage my suggestions are simply my suggestions, based on what I think may be most helpful and require the least number of changes to existing articles. If there are objections to what I have suggested, that’s fine, and we can discuss what others feel would be best for the wiki.

Hope it’s useful.

(Jonne Haß) #23

Uhm, I only see but given the content that’s fine :wink: The namespace casing is fine too I think, that was MediaWikis default iirc.

I like it and can agree with it, except for the Diaspora* rule, I think that becomes a bit annoying and disrupts the reading flow over time. It also creates an inconsistency since we don’t want that in the page titles.

(goob) #24

Sorry, I pasted the wrong link! Yes, I saved it as Wiki_style_guidelines as it had a broader remit than simply article titles.

I take your point with Diaspora*, was really raising that as a question as I’d like to know others’ views on it, and it would be good to have a consistency there. I’ve tried to use the asterisk when writing as I felt I should, but like you I feel it can get annoying when there’s lots of text, so would be happy to drop it (except perhaps in certain circumstances).

Look forward to other comments and corrections.

(goob) #25

I have just added a draft guide to choosing a pod to the Community supported pods page. Would be grateful if others would look at it and make additions, corrections, amendments and edits. Once we’re all happy with it, I suggest replacing the old ‘Community supported pods’ text and list of pods with this guide, as it will be of more use, and is in part a guide to how to use Pod Uptime, which is a more useful tool than a static list of pods, which is what the ‘Community supported pods’ page is.


(Jonne Haß) #26

Okay, enough time for voicing objections passed, I don’t think we need a vote on that, so I’m removing the draft status from and start moving the pages.

(goob) #27

When you say ‘moving pages’, do you mean changing the titles to lower case, and if so is that done by creating a new page with the correctly cased title and deleting the old one? If so I’ll try to help with this.

If it’s something different that I can help with, let me know what is needed.

Is there a list somewhere of all pages on the wiki so I can easily see which need changing?

(Jonne Haß) #28

@goob Wiki administrators have a move function which largely automates the process :wink: Did I miss anything?

(goob) #29


The only two I can see with capitalisation are Federation Restructuring Proposal and Main Page, although it might be that the latter needs that capitalisation to act as an index page within MediaWiki’s workings.

Thanks for doing all that. Glad that you could automate it.