Wordpress/BuddyPress as a POD

I think it would be great if a buddypress site could be made to act as a Diaspora pod.This would require seed migration as well. There is a lot of work going into wordpress/buddypress and I think Diaspora and its distributed protocol could benefit from it. Is this feasible? Any feedback on the idea and its feasibility is appreciated.

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Perhaps this belongs in a different group.

That would be incredible! I don’t know how feasible it is but would donate towards a bounty

@allahhh , guess you are the only one. I was really hoping to get a developers perspective on the general scope and feasibility of this. If you know someone who would not mind, please tag them. Thanks.

as long as it speaks the same protocol - there is no problem at all. At the moment diaspora* speaks a non-standard, older version of webfinger protocol.

WordPress already supports it https://wordpress.org/plugins/webfinger/ so there shouldn’t be much work left.

Unfortunately there is a lot of work on diaspora*'s side of things, to catch up with the specs. There might be soon a new version of the spec, but we didn’t catch up with the previous versions.

Thanks Demitru. Do you have a guess how long it would take to develop the code to make Buddypress a diaspora pod? Any thoughts on seed migration?
Thanks a lot for the link.

I’ve worked on several wordpress projects, but never with buddypress. Sorry, no estimates. Even if I worked on one, my estimate would probably be wrong anyway :slight_smile: