Wrong avatar image Friendica contact

A long time ago I have added my own friendica account to my contacts in Diaspora. Today I have discovered that the avatar image does not match the one of my Friendica Account, it looks like that:


My Friendica user name looks fine. The profile image of my Friendica account is unchanged. I am a little concerned that something weird is or was going on. Did something similar happen before ? Do you have any tipps how to investigate this issue further ? Is it possible to obfuscate the real contact address in Diaspora/Friendica by using special control characters like it happens with web URL ? Are there any filters implemented to prevent these kind of attacks ?

This might be related to Improving federation of profile updates. Of course, the updating is likely to be prompted by the origin server, and that in this case is Friendica, so it might be an issue with Friendica’s software rather than diaspora*s.

@goob Thank you, I am gonna post it in the Friendica forum, maybe it is an already known issue.