As a Non-Profit advocate for, and by Worker-Owned, Cooperative-Capitalist driven federation of businesses, Anarcho Pacifica Cooperative, is committed to achieving a just and sustainable prosperity based on evidentiary, socioeconomically responsible merit.

Utilizing 3D Printing and other advanced production techniques, our network of Micro, Small and Medium Industrial Cooperatives appropriately matched 'In-Network as needed with a very deliberately cultivated, multi-disciplinary, scientific/artistic communities of practice, enabling them to engender integrated Wetware, Software, and Hardware ecologies rapidly to market with the studied guidance by its appointed Executive Coordinating body, which is chiefly responsible for the strategic provisioning of Critical Business Infrastructure, as a Service (CBIaaS).

The aforementioned Executive Coordinate will realize this agenda via radical, systemic reduction in costs due to non-contributing, non-creative personnel, ineffective strategic deployment of materiel, and parasitic losses within the distribution logistics chain.

The Coordinate will work to optimize its constituent’s creative and productive capacity, assigning capital value to human assets, and expressly operating as an Agent-based Computational Economics (ACE) organization within the scientific framework of Contextual or Ecological Psychology.

The Coordinate of Anarcho Pacifica will utilize a variation of Sociocratic Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Organizational Relationship Management as reinvented through use of Ecological Psychology.

The Coordinate and its Constituency will function wholly under the fiscal sponsorship of SUBVS.US Coop, a for-profit, limited liability corporation incorporated under applicable laws of the State of Ohio.

It's Inception Projekt: Gossamer, is a throat microphone based on ultrasound scanning technology and specialized, real-time software processing in order to produce speech of unprecedented fidelity. It's command interface is a white label utilization of Direct Speech-to-Meaning Ai from Houndify.

Muíran Shíoraí
[Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers]
Co-Founder, Director UX/UI Research, Design, Delivery