2 proposals: #1 just a name change for the "Like" feature and #2 a rememberance-bump 1 year old posts

#1. I was thinking that maybe to further dissosiate “likes” from LifeZucking (fb) plataform, maybe changing it to “Favorite” or “Bookmark”? so that you “fav” posts or “bookmark” them for later reading, instead of having the “My Likes”?? I think changing the stream of thought of “liking” something to “bookmarking” it or “favoriteing” it is mentally healthier!

#2. I was reading 2 year old posts of my profile a couple of days ago and I kind of wanted to comment on them and bump them… maybe a functionality that after a year passed of your last posts, maybe make a limited amount of them (maybe through checkboxes?) so that you can bump them to the top and comment on them… maybe just 5 bumps permitted or maybe a special “sandbox” feature that bumps your 5/5 (or be it 2/5, or 3/5) selection to top and contains them on some sort of box that has some “Reminicense” title? This I think is a nice touch to keep in touch with your own thoughts and makes diaspora also some sort of diary and insight tool…

I dont speak english natively so maybe I had spelling errors, je!
Also I study psychology so I’m all into mindset improvement and insight tools jaja!

I’ll come back to see if someone had some opinion on this one :D!
I will drop this here:

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Que tal : P?

#1: “Like” can have it’s limitations. Just now I thought that it feels weird liking a post that titles “More and more wild life species go extinct”. I’m not sure I want to “like” that actually. I’d want to mark it as “important” to me, as something I care about or simply show interest in.
Maybe it could be just a “:heart:” alone.

#2: Not sure what the goal is here:

  • Reposting old content?
  • Show other people that visit your profile which of your own posts you’re especially proud of?
  • …?

#1: I think that Facebook’s choice of reaction (Like, Laughter, Mad, Sad) is the right way to go. A single word will never encompass all the feelings we can get from reading a post (or a comment). Changing the word when there still is a single action would be moving the problem around,

#2: Maybe with a system where you can reshare yourself without it creating a new post? There is an open issue regarding that feature.

Incidentally, I’m financially sponsoring both of those issues.

1 - What about ‘appreciate’ or ‘recommend’? On Xanga back in the day, if you appreciated a post someone wrote you hit a ‘recommend’ icon underneath it. I agree, some posts might be disturbing, upsetting or whatnot but still have the sort of content one appreciates.

2 - I think that resharing an old post is adequate. Even on FB, when it finds old posts of yours, it suggests it as a ‘share’ with the original content and your own words above again to introduce it. You could also possibly reshare it only to yourself as the audience and tag it ‘myfavourites’ etc.

hola! gracias por las respuestas.

thanks for the views and comments :)!!

  1. I really like this ‘appreciate’ word a lot! I think, as Timoses, that “liking” bad news can give a wrong mindset, some sort of couch-activism mindset imo (I’m an active activist heh, so I kinda feel bad about couch-activism) and I think ‘appreciate’ is better in that sense! I dont really like the “reaction” option, I used to use fb pre-reactions and I heard about reactions and I dont really like them I think it just makes a bad statement about the whole ‘infinte stream of un-graspable content of fb’ that forces you to scroll for hours without being able to really comment something insightful on stuff and one has to “react” with some pre-packaged emotions x_x kinda makes me feel more dead inside than this postmodern dynamics already make me fell everyday :stuck_out_tongue: jaja

  2. Yeah well like posts one is proud of and can reshare! but I think it would be cool if it gets reshared that it can maybe “dissapear” from the old part of the stream but “appear” with the original date of the first posting? or also like Birch Wind says that the original just get shared again, kind of “quoted” and with maybe a new thought on it…

JuanDoe - 2 years ago

This is a post of 2014!! Hola.

Public - Appreciate … Re-discover … Comment

and the “Re-discover” funtion would output something like this at the top of your stream:

JuanDoe - originally posted 2 years ago / Re-discovered 5 min. ago

[ This is a post of 2014!! Hola. ]
This is my idea about that idea I had 2 years ago and currently feelin good.

Public - Appreciate … Comment

and well the re-discover name could change jaja, maybe just a simple “bump” or idk…

whats a next step after posting an idea? should I make a visual dummy? or invite for a poll or something c:?

Hi, I wanted to comment further on this proposal:

#1. I re-read the thread and think an “Appreciate” button, instead of the “like” would be nice because firstly it pinpoints more accurately the action of bookmarking a post either because its for reflection, if its sad, if its terrible, if its awesome, etc… I think that would be nicer than a -reaction: sad, happy, mad- multiple choice because if you see someone got “happy” because of your post maybe you already know what that person was feeling because that already gave you a digest of the overall feeling, instead, an “appreciation” might get yout thinking about what exactly that person appreciated and might pull you towards creating community I mean entering her or his profile and maybe adding that person or asking in a comment why is that the other person appreciated that post or something like that, I think it goes a step further into letting curiosity fly and gives you a permission to ask, instead if just knowing already that either that other person “liked” o got “sad” or “happy” or just “mad”

#2. I think a re-share content button would do the work for the thing I was talking about, like if I go though my own profile reading (because if not then why does disaspora store posts from 2 years or more, dont you think?) maybe it could be an incentive into that kind of reflective behavior of going through your own posts and resharing them after a couple or a bunch of years or maybe an image you really liked or something like that… and addressing that issue of not making a “new” post but rather pulling from the database the old post and the only new thing would be the comments.

Please consider reading this proposals to see if they should or shouldnt be considered :smiley:
I think about diaspora more like a personal-public diary more than a gossip platform, I with it could have more psuchological and sociological implications on our lives more than a merely superficial social networking… more personal, more useful for insight.

Bookmark and making available 4 later "do"
sounds too great to be true,
but could that be made possible without losing the sense to privacy and not taking 2 much of server space?

Will get back to this later… and c thru ur provided webadress.

Thx for the prop…

I would like to have ‘bookmark’ alongside ‘like’ or whatever may replace it. Both are necessary, I think.

Proposal: Community rules, Code of Conduct, users responsibilities, tech support

Since the *Diaspora Network is growing and more users joining on the different pods, there seems to be a blantantly growing necessity for mediation and moderation of different communication styles and openly hostility, when opinions differ.
On the one hand, the network should be growing in decentralization, on the other, the different mindsets seem not to be able to coexist in peace, and furthermore there might be users, abusing the network on purpose.
What technicques are we capable to develop to ease moderators and podadmins duties?

Get an insight on the impetus here:

Myself cannot think of any automatism to prevent harrasment, stalking or bogus, but one or more of u might have routine and ability: I pass the ball on to u.

This should only mark the need, and is not at all a proposal.
Therefore soon closing.

Counting on your thoughtfulness and community synergy!



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  • Abstain: 0
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  • Block: 5

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I would like to see something like “thanks” instead of “like”.