4.2MB - more please Sir!

I am a G+ refugee newly signed up to Diaspora*. I’m climbing the learning curve and one thing that I am finding a problem with is the very small photo upload restriction of 4.2 mb. My main activity on any social platform is photography, sharing and discussing. Any picture I want to post I must go back to source and resize in order to upload successfully. Before I become too comfortable in this otherwise very interesting arena I am enquiring if there are plans for, and requesting, a significantly higher limit.

The next major release,, will introduce an automatic client-side resampling of image files larger than 4 MB, so that will make it behave like Google+. :wink:


Thank you for the information.

Can I ask what else you guys are planning for v

Here’s the list of PRs given the milestone (currently 2 open, 11 closed), although #7660 (Archive import backend implementation) is also, I believe, intended to be included.

What’s the ETA for this release?

There’s never an ETA for a major release; the release will be made when the relevant code has been implemented. Minor releases are made on a six-week rota, but major releases don’t follow a time-scale.

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Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. In that case, I guess the question should be “How’s it going?” …

See my previous comment.

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