A compromise between 'ignoring' and total 'blocking'

More trolls reports on the HQ account have inspired the following idea:

Ignoring a user removes their posts from your stream and prevents them from commenting on your posts. However, there’s a downside to the total ‘block’ that some networks provide, where blocker and blockee never see any comments from each other even when they have been made, in that conversations involving the other party seem disjointed.

How about the following: use the NSFW shield to hide the ignored person’s comments or posts when reshared?

If a person I have ignored has commented on a post by someone else, when I view that post in my stream or in SPV, that person’s comments are hidden: I see their avatar and name, but underneath it says ‘This comment has been hidden.’

If someone I haven’t ignored reshares a post of someone I have ignored, I see the avatar abd name of the resharer and of the ignored original poster, but the content is hidden behind ‘This post has been hidden.’

There are then two options:

  1. I can click the ‘hidden’ warning in order to view the comment, or
  2. the content cannot be viewed while I am ignoring the content’s poster. In order to view it, I would have to unignore that person.

Option 1. would operate like NSFW does; 2. might help prevent the car-crash impulse to view something you know will appal you, when not viewing it would be better. This is a point for discussion as to which would be better.

What are your thoughts?

Don’t want nor need a ‘compromise.’ When I block, I want a Block and such should be the default. I can see that there might be a very occasional desire to reveal a certain comment. Fine. A very small, unobtrusive grey dot might be placed near the top of each comment section if that section contains a blocked comment. It might, on roll-over, show any blocked commenters, and one could then click on whomever might be there. I suspect that such a thing would be used very, very lightly.

This is an excellent idea and has been voiced every now and then for a while. Some users even implemented local JS hacks to hide comments of blocked users (but this is ugly, unstable and not really suitable for non-techy people).

I believe most people would prefer to hide entire post/comment (name and avatar included, not just content) as mere presence of blocked person (especially if there is a lot of presence) can annoy plus I am sure avatars and names can be used for trolling themselves. Maybe you can run a poll on Diaspora but I am sure vast majority will agree here.

Anyway this feature would be most welcome.

Good point. The only thing that’s needed is an indication that one or more comments are hidden so that conversations don’t become ‘broken’. There’s no need to show anything about that comment or its author.

That’s been raised before and I did wonder about that when making this proposal. This is another reason to follow your suggestion.

I think separate shields (one per comment) would do. As long as they are compact they won’t interfere with reading the rest of conversation and visual structure will be preserved.

Blocking is for preventing viewing and reshares from a user, which ignore doesn’t prevent. It can be a problem for people already marginalized or otherwise dra w the attention of more rabid groups. Ignore is a useful function I don’t want to take away though, because sometimes people earn a second chance :wink:

But to keep flow either way, how about

----------- 1 comment hidden -----------

----------- 1 comment blocked by user -----------

Or some-such, where if it’s someone you’ve ignored/blocked you can click on the former to see the. comment

I know it’s a bit of a mash-up from all the above comments, but I’m trying to assemble them in my head