Ability to post to contacts instead of aspects

Logical AND for aspects to post to.

Was the title I chose first, I changed it after I finished my posting XD

I just had an idea that would be cool for my style of using aspects

At the moment you can set one aspect or more aspects or all aspects or public when writing a new status update. And this means in the end you send your post to every contact that is in one of these aspects, like a logical OR:

Contact is in ascpect_a OR aspect_b OR aspect_f

But it might be interesting to be able to define a smaller set of contacts when choosing aspects.

So for me this would be interesting because I run several aspecting strategies and I try to “tag” contacts somehow. So for example I try to give contacts a language so I have “German” and “roman languages” and “images” (for contacts mostly posting language independent stuff) I assume everyone speaks English so I have no aspect for that.
And I have aspects for groups of people by the type of contact or person like “podmins” or “bots” or “projects” or “myself” (for twink-accounts). And I have typical “I know that person in this context”-ascpects “my gaming party” or “football team” or “people working with me in that special interest wiki”… such stuff, typical “groups”.
And there might be many other ways people could aspect their contacts.

So now maybe I’d like to write a post limited to on of this aspects, maybe to that wiki-aspect I mentioned (well it’s jedipedia.net to be honest). But… I’d like to write in German, because this is my native thong.
So while it would be no big deal in privace/security to write to all contacts in “Jedipediae” I would bother people not speaking German, so maybe I could exclude them and post only to the German-speaking folks by adding the “German” aspect as a logical AND.

Contact is in ascpect_a AND aspect_f

And if talking about this… a logical “NOT” would be interesting too if I’d like to all contacts in “Jedipediae” who do not speak German.

As far as I know diaspora* does not send post to “aspects” but it “dissolves” the aspects into contacts and than sends it to those contacts right? So this shouldn’t be sooo different.

To be honest… I think it would be hard to create a cool and easy interface for this, but I could imagine something like this:
Let’s remove the ability to choose more but one aspect from the current aspect picker, choose “public” or “all aspects” or one aspect. But let’s add some kind of advanced aspect picker where you can see all the contacts you are posting to and you use aspects to add or remove contacts of(f) this list. So one would need a plus (add) and a minus (remove) button, an aspect picker and some way to negate that.

For my example I would ADD Jedipedia and then REMOVE NOT(German) so I would end up in a set of contacts who are in “Jedipedia” and in “German”.

See what I mean? Additional I could imagine to be able to remove single contacts from that list of contacts… just… why not XD. So I could share to all of my contacts except my husband if I want to talk about the surprising birthday party.

Technically diaspora* should be enabled to take a list of contacts instead of a list of aspects for limited posts. And expose this to the API so the choice-concept I drew up there could be done way otherway by other clients.