Ability to see the pods one is sharing with

Would be a good idea to see list of pods you are sharing with. I think it’s important for privacy reasons if copies of user’s posts saves also on other pods

This is a little bit complicated if your server is working with the relay system. Then your public posts will be spread to many different servers - but your local server won’t possibly know all of these servers.

I quite like the idea of being able to see a list of the pods the people in your aspects are based on. It could list under each pod the contacts which are on that pod, and you could filter by aspects, so you could easily see which pods your post would go if depending on which aspect(s) you post it to.

However, if you post something publicly you should assume that it will go to every pod in the network, and be picked up by search engines, etc. If you are at all concerned about where your data will be stored, don’t post publicly!

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