Account reset, now services won't link again

I don’t know what happened, but yesterday my account ‘reset’. It kept the profile pic, but my bio, location, age, and followed tags and services were all wiped. Now when I go in to add my twitter and tumblr services it says there’s already a user with that service. Any way to fix this mess?

Ok, looks like I’m having an even bigger problem than I thought.

As prereq knowledge, you should know that I installed Mastodon on the same server right after I installed Diaspora. I’m wondering if they’re conflicting somehow??? They shouldn’t be O.o. Both my sites are up and running fine with no issues…except this:

When I try to run

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails console

From my /home/diaspora/diaspora directory, I get this response:

Command 'bundle' not found, but can be installed with:

sudo apt install ruby-bundler

I’m not sure what in the world happened here, but even though diaspora is running I can’t seem to find the ruby instance where I can run this command to add myself as an admin (again). Apparently that was wiped as well. No idea what the heck is going on here.

Daily bump, please and thank you :slight_smile:

Is there anything specific to find in (install) logs?

I was able to get it fixed. Turns out I had ruby v 2.5.1 installed, which is incompatible with Diaspora*. I was using it for the Mastodon install I have on the same server. I uninstalled 2.5.1 and installed 2.4.3 instead, and everything seems well for now. I’ll be keeping an eye on it for the next few days to make sure things stay good.

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@core-team I think this is not completely clear in the docs:
It says: update to rvm latest, but since latest is 2.5.1 and as we can see by @shawneric’s problem, that version is not compatible with D*

It actually was noted in the instructions in the guide I was using not to use 2.5, but that was 2.5 and the guide was like six months old, so I went against the guide and installed 2.5.1, the newest version, hoping bugs were fixed. Apparently not??

rvm get latest gets the latest version of rvm, not ruby. Diaspora selects ruby 2.4.x via the .ruby-version file which should automatically install and activate the latest ruby 2.4.

Diaspora should also be compatible with 2.5, but it isn’t well tested yet, therefore the default is still 2.4. But when you install diaspora with 2.4, then switch to 2.5 and don’t install all the gems again for 2.5, you can get such Command 'bundle' not found messages, because for 2.5 nothing is installed.

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